06 November 2020

Some Knitting

I am still enjoying knitting in the late afternoons/ early evening when the light is not so good for quilting. I finished the Green Cardigan I was knitting for myself a couple of weeks ago but forgot to show you.  This is from Laine Magazine and is the 'Miss Apple's Little Cardi' by LucĂ­a Ruiz de Aguirre. It's soft and warm and exactly what I was hoping for :)

Ravelry Notes

For some reason my camera is not picking up the colour properly, it's more like this, a lovely bright Jade Green

I always like to have something on my needles, so next up is a Vintage Aran Jumper/sweater for my husband, in beautiful 100% British Blue Faced Leicester Wool, it's soft and gorgeous to knit with.

I struggled to find a pattern my husband liked, he doesn't really like modern designs! I eventually found a 1970s vintage pattern on Etsy

The back is done, it was a lot of knitting but enjoyable, I didn't notice until looking at the photo that one of my cables is slanting the wrong way! I am not unpicking it all lol!


  1. your knitting looks so perfect to me - my camera has a hard time picking up colors correctly too

  2. If you put a complementary colour in the picture, sometimes it helps the camera to represent colours more truly. If you put it on the edge of the picture, you can always crop it out from what you show us!

  3. Gorgeous cardi and such a great colour. Nice choice for your husband - I can’t see the wrong cable!!

  4. Gorgeous cardi and such a great colour.your knitting looks so perfect.yhanks for share.
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