02 November 2020

Planning New Projects!

I enjoyed piecing a few of the blocks for My Penny Sampler over the weekend, and it looks like I might have time to work on it over the next fews weeks too, as here in England we have been told that we have to be in lockdown again for at least the next month.  I guess too many people haven't been following the rules, it's frustrating to those of us who have, but there is nothing to do but hunker down and sew!  

I might re make this block once I have a few more done, the background is not very icy!

This Village block took a while but I love it :)

I have also been buying fabrics :) I treated myself to a couple of FQ bundles.  My husband is Red/Green colour blind and keeps asking me why I have never made a blue/yellow quilt as these are the colours he can see! He saw the sketch of Sarah Fielke's new 2021 BOM and loved it, so what to do, I guess I am making a yellow/blue quilt for the first time after 25+ years of quilting lol. I bought this bundle as he is a sun lover too and so it seemed perfect!

While waiting for it to arrive I pulled these from my stash.

I think I will use white or a pale yellow (I have a bolt of Kona snow bought on sale years ago) as the background, but I will wait until Sarah issues the Materials List and see what else I need.  It should be a fun happy quilt!

Here is Sarah's sketch, it doesn't start until the end of January, so plenty of time to finish my Winter Sampler!
I also bought these fun basics to use for The Quilt Show 2021 BOM, I really want to improve my machine piecing and this seems the perfect quilt, plus as a TQS member I get the pattern for free each month.

This is the quilt, it's by Wendy Williams of Australia

I need to find a background and I think this London city map fabric might work, it's due out in December

When I am not sewing/cleaning/cooking/gardening I have been walking for miles with the ever faithful Jasper, in all weathers!!



  1. it is frustrating to those of us that follow the rules to be safe in the era of Covid and then have so many disregard them - I feel that we should be in lock down again too but the current administration has no intelligence and will continue to ignore what is happening until thousands more die and get sick from it. Happy quilting - I spend most of my time at home too even though we are not told we should - it seems to be common sense to me

  2. We are so frustrated here in USA, too. The Administration is saying it's "over" but of course people are still getting sick and DYING in the real world == which is a foreign concept to the present Administration!!.
    I am trying to keep our spirits up here and I've voted for change, which is all i can do...
    I love that houses block--so neat!! You have some lovely projects to work on...
    hugs, stay safe Julierose

  3. I too love the village block. Did you piece the triangle roofs or is it printed that way?

  4. Agreed, thank goodness for sewing, and indeed, needlecrafts in general!

  5. Love your village block and the new yellow/blue colourway for the new quilt. Go you!