22 February 2017

Stonefields - Jasper's Flower Garden

No. 7 on my list of WIP's is Stonefields. You may remember that way back in September 2014 I attended a class with Susan and was fortunate enough to see the original quilt.

I took loads of photos (with Susan's permission!) you can see more of them on my blog here:

I had recently joined a BOM and after seeing the original quilt I changed around a lot of the fabrics, I kept up for a while (!) and pieced 60 blocks

I also pieced quite a few of the small 3/4" hexagon rosettes for the border

and prepped even more...

I then got distracted by a shiny new quilt project! and these have been languishing in a box ever since. I decided quite early on that I didn't want to do the hexagon border, and as I have a sort of plan percolating for the 6" blocks, I need to come up with a project that uses all these hexagons :)

At the same time as I was piecing these, I was also working on this embroidery of Jasper in the garden of our cottage.

I have always loved the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts especially the 'Garden Path' design with green triangles and diamonds like this 1930's design

I am thinking of something similar with my embroidery at the centre.  I think the rosettes are too strong on their own next to the embroidery, but might work as a second border

 I plan to add a ring of cream to the first border and then I might use this lovely sage green for the 'paths'

I have printed out some more papers from Incompetech onto card and am ready to go

I glue baste with a Sewline glue pen and then like to use Aurifl 50wt thread in off white or pale grey for stitching and these Tulip size 8 piecing needles.

19 February 2017

A Year of Estonian Lace

I have joined in the 2017 Year of Estonian Lace MKAL over at Ravelry, the pattern is by Elizabeth Ravenwood, you can find all the details here:

The yarn I have chosen is a gorgeous Jaipur Silk Fino which is a 100% Mulberry Silk, it is so soft and I love the teal green.

I have to confess that I knew nothing about Estonian Lace before I started this KAL :) This book is proving an interesting read

I am also ashamed to say I only had a vague idea of where exactly Estonia is (It's just south of Finland in case you were wondering!)

I had some trouble initially with the 'nupps' a common feature in Estonian Lace where you knit into a stitch 7 times and then purl through all 7 loops on the way back to make a sort of bobble

as you can see my 'nupps' need some work :)

I had more success with the 'Ligonberry' pattern for February

It is difficult to see the beautiful patterns with lace knitting until it is finished and blocked but I am happy so far