15 May 2018

Blogging Break

I am taking a little break from blogging and social media; my son is getting married in a couple of weeks on a beach in the sun

When we get back, we are having a big family party in a village hall - we are doing most of the decorating ourselves to keep the costs down, so I am busy making tablecloths and bunting and ...

I am also lovingly tending my garden in the hope that my Old English Roses, Peonies, Lavender, Penstemon, Hydrangeas etc etc will be at their best for decorating all the tables in the hall.

29 April 2018

It's Been a Funny Month...

I can't believe it's the end of April already! I have very little to show for it sewing wise.  My husband took 3 weeks of annual leave and we managed two separate trips away.  We have been walking in the Peak District National Park and the Shropshire Hills, much to the delight of a certain Goldie 🤗

we also managed a day trip to the seaside - This is Lulworth Cove in Dorset

I had some appliqué prepared to take with me and some knitting,

 but I was so tired each night after all the walking that I did very little, we did have some lovely weather and it was nice to sit outside and stitch a couple of times. I finished Block 1 of Golden Days and started on Block 2

I really like the colours I have chosen, I don't normally use purples and have very little, so I bought a FQ pack which arrived while I was away.

I think these will play nicely with my stash fabrics I pulled earlier.

In other exciting news - Down the Rabbit Hole arrived back from the long arm quilter just before I left!  Part of me really wishes I hand quilted this, but realistically if I want to use it any time soon, machine quilting was the only way to get it done! I had it custom quilted, so I could add a little hand quilting if I like.

Binding went on this afternoon, and as it is about to turn colder again, it will be nice to sit and hand stitch it down in the evenings; I might get this finished soon!