15 January 2021

The Dashing Dutchman

Block one of the first of this year's BOM quilts posted this morning and I stitched the block this afternoon, so I am up to date with my BOMs lol!

This is The Dashing Dutchman by a local English Modern Quilt designer, Jo Westfoot from The Craft Nomad some of the girls from my real life quilt group are making this together, we can't meet in person yet as we are still in lockdown but we keep in touch online. It's a fun modern design, not my usual thing but I wanted to stitch along with my friends, I am thinking of omitting the final border and maybe donating it as a charity quilt? we shall see, for now it's a fun stitch.

I bought a couple of tone on tone  FQs from the Thatched collection bye Robin Pickens 
I then pulled all my bright scraps in Rainbow and spotty fabrics, there should be enough for a couple of blocks of each

The Background I had to buy, so I chose Grunge Hots the Spot by Moda in Navy


Block one was a nice easy friendship star block, the large flying geese make up the centre Dutchman's Puzzle Block

04 January 2021

New Year, New Quilts!

I seem to have signed up for a few BOMs this year (!) They are all pattern only in an effort to use up some of my ever increasing stash, why is it no matter how much I use, my scrap baskets never seem to empty??!?

In recent years I have started to enjoy working with a more modern vibrant palette and have accumulated lots of scraps from various projects, number one on the list starts on 1st March and is by Jodi at Tales of Cloth - Sunshiny Day   Jodi specialises in EPP cut from recycled paper and while I admire her eco credentials I find EPP hard on my hands so instead I have opted to hand piece this one.  I am planning on a totally scrappy version using lots of modern low volumes and bright scraps.

I have also signed up for Sarah Fielke's new BOM Rainy Days and Sun Rays  this is the sketch by Sarah, I did buy a FQ pack to get me started but will pad out with fabrics from my stash. I have really enjoyed stitching with Sarah over the last 5 BOMs I really like her down to earth Aussie attitude :) and her patterns are fun to make!

I discovered a new to me app called Recolor it was fun and easy to use, this is where I am heading with colours ...

My real life quilt group (Queen Bee Quilters)  have decided to stitch a quilt together next year and have chosen Dashing Dutchman by the Crafty Nomad here in the UK. I am not sure about fabrics for this one and will probably stop after the centre section as I am not keen on the final border, but it will be fun to sew along with my fellow Bees, I have pulled all my bright scraps and ordered a Navy Background.

This is Moda Grunge Hits the Spot in Navy 

And finally ! as a member of The Quilt Show I get the BOM pattern for free each year, I think I might have a go at this one again using lots and lots of scraps.

with maybe this antique London map fabric for the backing, London by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics

I think that should be more than enough to get on with!