30 September 2018

6 & 6 in 2018 finally a progress report!

Way back in January I signed up with  Meredith and Ann for their  6 & 6 in 2018 challenge to try and tame my wips.  I am pleased that I have made some progress.

This was my original list of 6 wips If you click on the titles, you should be able to see all the blog posts about each of these.

1. Down the Rabbit Hole 

This is quilted, bound, finished and currently on my bed 😀

2. Happy Days

I have just finished the hand quilting on this one, just need to bind it, I think it deserves it's own blog post.

Hmmm this is all in a box untouched, maybe this should be my next focus project?
I'm glad I tried this colour scheme but it didn't really work out as planned, I have decided to take the small piece I made and make it into a pouch for my lightbox, the rest of the fabrics are back in stash.
5. Dear Jane

Currently Hibernating!
6. EPP

Abandoned this one - didn't really like how it was going.

I also started 6 new projects (as allowed in the challenge!) If you click on the titles, you should be able to see all the blog posts about each of these.

This is just back from the longer quilter, I need to bind it and do a separate post for it 

I thought I better make a quilt for my youngest sone too, this is almost a top!

These three BOMs have been on hold while I worked on my sons quilts, I am excited to get back to them.

BOM by Sarah Fielke

Another Sarah Fielke BOM

Template only BOM by Jen Kingwell

I've just realised that I have a spare slot, maybe time to start something new?  😂


  1. WOW I have got to get off my couch! You inspire me! Especially love Down the Rabbit Hole and the wedding quilt.

  2. It also counts as progress when you decide, definitively, that you're not going to continue with a particular project - and it's a decision a lot of us have trouble making. So well done!

  3. You have a very pretty medallion center to use in the Stonefields quilt. I vote that you work on that one next.
    The rabbits are my favorite part of "Down the Rabbit Hole".

  4. Gosh.....your days are going to be busy! Yes, Happy Days does deserve a post all on it's own and as for your Down the Rabbit Hole, it is exquisite. How wonderful it must look resting atop your bed.

  5. You have been a very busy lady. It's nice to have some finishes in between all those starts. You've picked out some difficult projects that take a lot of time to complete so it's okay if you skip some of the ones that don't appeal to you any more.

  6. You have been a busy lady! I finished York Lodge and going forward on Mountmellick. I gave up on doing more than one quilt at a time and trying to finish my 2016-2018 UFO's but you are doing a fantastic job on all of your 6 in 6! Congrats!

  7. SO so many lovely and beautiful projects Elaine, and how your bed room must be a joy to walk in to with your lovely quilt Down The Rabbit Hole on it completed in all its glory it sure is a beautiful finish. Looking forward to Chinese coin finish thats going to be one fantastic majestic quilt for your son. Cheers Glenda

  8. Fabulous progress on Everything Elaine! How satisfying to have a couple of finishes too. Well done you! Thanks for participating x