02 June 2017

The Late Spring Garden


I am definitely more of an Autumn/Winter Quilter, as soon as the weather warms up, every spare moment during the day will find me in the Garden

Rescuing - these gorgeous rain damaged Peonies & Irises

Lamenting - The last of the Granny's Bonnets (Aquilegia) for this year

Building & Creating - This year's project is a nature pond, fingers crossed the frogs will move in 😁

Marvelling at all the flowers that reappear every year without fail, like this Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)

 Watching all the bees on the Campanula

Smelling the Lavender

Harvesting the first of the Blackcurrants

Tay berries

and Gooseberries

Planting a new Hydrangea

while waiting for all the others to flower

Anticipating how beautiful this Philadelphus (Mock Orange) will be

When it is in full bloom like my neighbour's shrub

Enjoying these Clematis



and the Foxgloves

BUT most of the time you will find me in the middle of here

Deadheading my beloved Old English Roses


  1. Love all your flowers - I don't think we can ever have "too many" flowers!!

  2. And what gorgeous flowers they are!

  3. Beautiful flowers and pictures !

  4. Wonderful garden pictures!

  5. You have a beautiful colorful garden!

  6. LOVE your flowers! Lots of work but obviously worth it.

  7. Anonymous3/6/17 10:41

    Your garden is just overflowing with gorgeous plants. Love your new pond. Yes, quilting is for cooler months and rainy days. :-)

  8. Oh my! Just wonderful! I'm not a gardener so I love seeing the gardens of those who are!

  9. Gorgeous flowers...thanks for sharing.

  10. What beautiful photos, a walk around an English country garden :)

  11. What a stunning garden! Thank you for brightening a dull, rainy Winter day.

  12. Beautiful flowers! Super photos of them! I can see why you spend so much time cherishing your garden - you get such splendid results!

  13. Ohhh Emily how I would love to wander around you old English garen full of thos eloevly old flowers specially the old roses, it's a real Secret Garden, hope the frogs come to visit and stay. Thanks for sharing these lovely flwoers it warmed my heart to see them all. Hugs Glenda

  14. Elaine, I absolutely love your roses. They are stunning, after all the cold of winter, spending time in the garden and outside is bliss. We have to do our garden from scratch. So a lot of hard work and playing in the dirt. The reward is worth it. What variety roses do you grow? I have not planted any roses in this garden yet. Had many before in our garden. The fragrance of the roses are beautiful and always bring happy memories.

  15. Beautiful thatched cottage, reminds me of Kent Uk. Your garden is stunning, what a beautiful walk 8n your garden l have had

  16. Your garden is a vision splendid. So many beautiful blossoms to be seen. You have some gorgeous roses there. I don't think there is anything prettier than an English garden in Spring/Summer.

  17. Gorgeous! I am new to your blog but certainly did enjoy this! I am in the garden, too, as time permits and I love what Mother Earth sends our way each season. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us all. Chris