30 May 2017

17 in 2017 May Progress

I have been very busy this month with work :(  so limited project progress, but some progress is better than no progress!

This is my original list for Meridith's challenge

No. 13 Silk Shading Goldfinch

This was my project for my weekly term time embroidery class - finished and framed!

No.4 Estonian Lace Scarf Just be You Beaded Shawl

This has been ripped out as it was so full of errors! I have started a new beaded shawl instead.
Ravelry notes here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/suller/just-be-you-2

No. 6 Embroidered Angel Mermaid

This is now a mermaid :) as I have finished my Goldfinch I need a project for embroidery class, I am going to finish this cross stitch I started in about 2009 (!) with freestyle embroidery. I will do a separate post on it soon.

No. 15 Down the Rabbit Hole

I am still slowly appliquéing the leaves, I am behind but I don't care, I am enjoying the stitching

 As I mentioned at the start I am busy at work at the moment, apart from my weekly embroidery class, my free time is in the evenings when the light is not so good for stitching. I have been knitting a lot, I joined in the Joji Locatelli Mystery wrap, it's lots of fun, I am using these yarns, a gorgeous mixture of fine wools and silks.
Ravelry Notes here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/suller/joji-mystery-wrap


  1. Love seeing all your projects. Very nice!

  2. love your projects they are all looking great

  3. Looking forward to seeing your free-embroidery embellished Mermaid!

  4. Your goldfinch looks wonderful The eyes are particularly nice. The rust color adds just the right touch. Every time I see the center of the "Down the Rabbit Hole" quilt I sigh deeply. Would love to sew along with you but I am determined to finish the project I working on before I start something new.

  5. Small steps are better than none. Great job!

  6. Your Goldfinch embroidery is beautiful! Night time isn't conducive to stitching, is it. Love the colours of the yarn in your Mystery Wrap.

  7. Ohhh so many beautiful projects here Elaine, your wee bird is a wee treasure and so glad he is framed and now safe for years to come. Your mermaid is going to be so so special. Do love your down the rabbit hole colours and you are right just enjoy it. Cheers Glenda

  8. I agree that any progress is good progress. The yarns you've selected for the newest knit along are very pretty, some of my favorite colors.

  9. you have accomplished plenty! You did much better than me anyway!

  10. The goldfinch is exquisite!!

  11. A little bit at a time and it all eventually adds up to something amazing!