04 October 2014

Starting over...

I received the first month of the 'Stonefields' BOM before I had seen the original. I loved 99% of the fabrics included in the package from Karen, but wasn't sure about the beige background fabric. I also did not like my machine piecing on the stars.
After seeing the original, I decided that the beige was too dark for my taste, I also think a couple of my star fabrics are too bold. I decided to leave the two pomegranate blocks as they are, I really like the blue floral background, but to remake the rest.
I have a bolt of a beautiful pale ivory floral tone on tone that was bought on sale about 5 years ago and has been waiting for the perfect project every since :) The beige fabric won't be wasted, I will save each months allocation, and use it in a version of Dear Hannah that I have been planning for years with rich country colours.
I am glad I redid these blocks, I like them much better now
I have the also decide to hand piece the stars, I think this is a quilt that deserves the time spent on it.
This afternoon I cut and prepped the last three blocks ready to appliqué
I have cut some of the flying geese pieces as I use each fabric
I have also started preparing the hexagons for the border, I don't want to have to do them all at the end! My BOM comes with pre cut papers, glue basting goes fast! I was worried I would lose some of these small hexagons or forget which I intend to go with which! so I have threaded them onto some sewing thread to keep them all together, I also made myself a window template so I can do some fussy cutting. I am off to visit my family in Aberdeen at the end of the month, these will be perfect to take along with me.
It is cold and wet here today, I have a beef stew in the slow cooker for dinner and DH is about to light the fire, I think I will settle down with my workbasket and stitch :)


  1. Oh, boy! This is going to be one of those projects that becomes a companion that leaves you a little bit sad when the work is finished because it's been a part of your life for so long. :)

  2. I agree with you about the beige fabric, your choice is much better.
    I think Susan is so right (previous post) about "why we quilt" question; unless you want to enter competitions, there is no need to beat yourself up over every mistake. For me it is just simply enjoyment of stitching and yes, love of fabrics and buying them :-)
    Any mistakes will probably be spotted only by you, and in the end, that is what makes it ."your" quilt,

  3. Good idea to do them again now you have seen the quilt. You will be much happier with the blocks. I am handpiecing the stars too, it makes them look softer.
    What size are the flying geese? I could start preparing them too if I knew.

    1. My BOM came with acrylic templates, I have just measured and they finish at 1.5" x 3" There are 176 flying geese and 164 hexagon rosettes needed according to my instructions! Hope this helps :)

  4. Oh dear, talking about lighting the fire already!

  5. I see you are on your journey. The decision to change the background fabric seems to be a good one. I am not fond of block of the months because I don't always find someone else's choices of fabrics suit my taste.

  6. Thanks for that info, Elaine. I have just started too and would like to cut the flying geese and hexagons from the fabrics I'm using. Very helpful information.

    And I love what you are doing. Much better with the new background.

    Happy stitching. I'm finding it all rather addictive LOL

  7. love that string of hexies! a nice stew and a fire sounds great - we have had a cold spell here in the states too - my daughter in Wisconsin where we just were a week ago had a little snow this morning and we in the middle of Arkansas woke up to 40 degrees - but sunny and warming up fast.

  8. Thanks Elaine for all that info I have just started also and finding it very addictive, love your new background and you have to be happy it is going to be a big project sewn with lots of love.

  9. So you have make them very fast! Ill follow you bescause im making him also, :) how nice is this that so many people is make him, im going to meet susan the qp15th by stitchers inn in holland. Byby form here. Great carina

  10. Such pretty blocks! What a lovely post - great to hear your thinking in fabric selection. You're very organised and that's a good thing at the beginning of a large project - have fun stitching by the fire :)

  11. It's all so so pretty! I'm glad you are happy with your redo of those blocks. All those hexagons -- wow! I'm loving everything so far!

  12. this is looking to be an interesting project. so many different styles of blocks. I particularly like the applique block with the ring of circle.

  13. Sigh...just love this quilt. The new background adds a lot more interest but those stars look perfectly fine to me.

  14. Great idea to change the background. The colors you are using for the blocks you have done are so nice.
    We had our workshop yesterday and saw the stonefield also, its realy beautiful !!

  15. Just found your blog and am enjoying reading back over it. Very informative.
    I have just started Susan's Smiths St Neots Band Sampler but as I don't do much appliqué it may be a long time in the making.
    Looking forward to watching your progress on all your projects.