05 October 2014

Block of the Month Kits

I have had lots of comments since my last post, both on the blog and personally, about my decision to change out a lot of the fabrics I am using for my version of Stonefields. I didn't realise this was such a hot topic! I feel I didn't make myself clear on my reasons for change.

I am participating in a BOM run by Karen at The Running Chicken Quilt Co I was a little late to the party (as usual!) my package for month one, arrived a few days before I was due to attend Susan's workshop and see the original quilt. I am VERY happy with the kit supplied by Karen, I love the fabrics she chose, exactly the kind of thing I like to have in my stash. I love the instructions supplied, the acrylic templates and the pre-cut paper pieces; all of which came beautifully packaged and organised in a sturdy cardboard storage box.
I have participated in a number of BOM programs over the years and in my opinion this is one of the best I have received. However do you remember a few years ago when everyone was making a DJ quilt in civil war fabrics? I joined a BOM and started with great enthusiasm, half way through finished versions starting appearing in blogland (I was behind as usual!) they all looked the SAME. I decided then that I really didn't want a quilt that looked like everyone else's, so I took the blocks I had made, added some solid squares and finished it as a lap quilt.
I really like this quilt! The unused fabrics went into my stash - I have just used one of them in my Stonefields quilt :)

Following the workshop with Susan, I started sorting through all the photos I took of the original Stonefields quilt. One of the reasons I was drawn to it is that it has a very soft look, largely achieved by the use of a very pale cream background. It also uses a lot of French General fabrics which I happen to love and have a fair collection of! a lot of the fabrics are several years old.

Once I had thought about it for a while, I knew that I would not be happy unless my version also had a paler background. I also want to use lots of my scraps in this quilt, I would like to have 200-300 different fabrics as the original does. I have a large overflowing scrap basket that I would like to get down!
I have a nice collection of French and French General fabrics collected over a few years

These fabrics will give me the look I am after for this quilt (I don't know what fabrics I will receive each month, it is possible they will be very similar to these) I will continue to mix the BOM fabrics in with my own selection and scraps, but most importantly I want to feel that a quilt of this much work has some of my personality and taste in it! I like sorting through my stash and finding the perfect fabric to use in each block - it's part of what makes quilting fun for me :)

My intention to deviate from the BOM was in no way intended as a criticism of the program or the fabrics supplied, I am sorry if some people felt that it was.

I am off to prepare some more hexagons!


  1. Once you've finished it, you will have to live with it - making sure you love all of it seems only sensible!

  2. My goodness me, did you really receive comments about choices you made for your quilt? Unbelievable...

    I love what you are doing and will be following your journey very closely.

    Hope this doesn't stop you from enjoying your journey with Stonefields.
    Anne Marieke

  3. we all have to have our quilts be what we want. I can never understand why others criticize our choices for our quilts - they are ours after all!

  4. That is the joy in being the maker... you can pick and choose, you can change, you can do what you want. A pattern in my mind is like a map - a guide on how to get somewhere.. but there are many different ways to get to the same spot.

    Have fun.

  5. Thanks for the explanation. I like that you want your quilt to be yours and unique. Makes sense!

  6. I am amazed that you should get criticism for changing anything at all. In fact you explained it very well the first time. Anyway, it is your quilt, and your BOM and you can do what you like with it. I love your pale ivory background. That and a combination of your own fabrics as well, will make it your own unique quilt. I am looking forward to seeing it grow!

  7. I like to think that most of us would like to instill some of ourselves into our quilts. And i can also understand how some of us want a quilt exactly like the one we liked. I have just been working on a wall hanging that totally mimics Fun With Barb's "King George" king size bed quilt--but it is my version...similar in many ways to her idea that I ran with in my own way.. And So, both options should be accepted I think. Just sayin'...at any rate, I love your light background low volume look...hugs, Julierose

  8. I agree with all of the above enjoy your journey I have already changed one of my blocks and I'm sure many more before I am finished.

  9. Anonymous6/10/14 08:08

    I think you are absolutely right to make this (and every quilt you make) your own by using just what you want to. The original looks beautiful but I'm sure yours will too and it will reflect more of your personality because of your fabric choice.


  10. I have just come across this interesting post ....blogging about ones preferences is fun, informative and inevitably produces positive and negative comments! Quilting is very personal and special to us all.
    As the provider of the BOM we work very hard to replicate the original ...there will of course be differences because the original fabrics are no longer available, but our version also contains over 200 fabrics. And so far, we have only sent out month one! It is early days to be making changes....background fabrics are not just beige..they are cream, ivory and various shirtings.
    What a BOM does for you is provide fabrics, provide instructions, maybe help you in your quilting journey....it also is a lot of work for us to make sure we get it right. Inevitably, people will add their own interpretation...that is part of the process, but please remember that ones sensibilities are part and parcel of this ....blogging puts your private thoughts out there! If so many changes need to be made, why not just buy a pattern!

  11. I also included fabric of my own when I do a BOM. Just for the same reason as you do.
    The other reason is I LOVE to work with scraps. I'm now working on the lancaster diamond quilt and all the blocks so far are made from my scraps only ;-)