30 May 2014

Thrifty Finds

In keeping with the spirit of the original depression era quilt, and the challenge issued by Brigitte, I wanted to make this quilt entirely from my stash. I did purchase the red dot focus fabric as that was an integral part of the challenge. I have had great fun rummaging through my baskets looking for suitable fabrics, I am however short on a couple of the colours I want to use.
Last week I popped into one of our local charity shops to drop off some books, and spotted a blouse in the exact shade of blue that I needed, it is a pretty blue/yellow floral 100 % cotton hardly worn blouse, perfect I thought for using in my quilt. Further down the shop I found an even better treasure - a brand new mens shirt in a lovely duck egg and red stripe, even better was the fact that it was sized XXXL - that's a lot of fabric!!!

washed, disassembled, and ready to cut up for the quilt...
I think they will work really well with the rest of the fabrics I want to use. I know most of you probably do this all the time, but this is the first time I have bought clothes to cut up! I will definitely do it again!

Here is the piece after round 11, I love how the whole feel of the patchwork changes each time another round of colour is added.


  1. Just as well there is so much fabric in that shirt, as the rows get longer and longer...

  2. Fantastic! Nice shirts too! I admit, I haven't used clothing yet for quilts. Though I've thought about it!

  3. Anonymous31/5/14 14:19

    What great finds and probably much cheaper than the equivalent fat quarters too :)


  4. What great finds and I think that they will work really well in your quilt! Making a quilt is a great way to repurpose old clothing and give it a new life! I was visiting a friend this week and we were admiring one of her hexagon quilts. The centers of each hexagon are made from her husband's shirt. It was a shirt he was still wearing but it was perfect for the quilt so she washed it and cut it up! That might not have been such a great idea but I do have to admit that it was the perfect fabric for the quilt!