06 June 2014

Slow Progress

The nice thing about having a project set up and ready to go on my millennium frame, is that I can put in a few stitches here and there whenever I have a minute. Progress on my Tipsy Thistle is slow, but it is at least progress :)
There were lots of new stitches for me to learn, this is Bullion and French knots, I really struggled with the Bullion knots - any tips for getting a good tension?
This section was Buttonhole filling
Followed by Battlement stitch
This is part was supposed to be filled with French Knots, but as I swapped the Bullion Knots back in section 2 for French Knots, I thought I would try something different, this is Brick stitch, one I will definitely use again.
and finally Double seeding
I am almost finished the middle section


  1. it is looking so pretty and nice to just sit and stitch when you want to and have it all set up

  2. It's looking lovely and it's great that you're learning so much as you go along. Have you tried Needle n' Thread for bullion knot tips?

  3. There's a discussion of bullion knots on the "White Threads" blog, which I can recommend. After that it's a matter of doing more of them!

  4. Beautiful work so far and a great learning experience for you. Well done !!

  5. It's looking great! I really love this piece and hope to see more of it!

  6. I love following your progress on this project and seeing the different stitches. The double seeding is so sweet. Bulllions are difficult, do you use a straw needle? They help prevent a bump in the wraps. I always substitute french knots with colonial knots, they are easier for me and come out with a more uniform look.

  7. Anonymous7/6/14 10:18

    What lovely work, it's good that you're learning new skills along hte way.


  8. Always wind them in a anticlockwise direction. You'll find there are bullion making days and non bullion days. Don't know why it happens. Just does.