22 April 2013

Cherry Pie

We have a couple of short trips away planned for this summer, a holiday and various family visits. Some of my family will also spend part of their summer here with us, and as it is apparently frowned upon to spend several hours in your sewing room when your mother is visiting!! I need a portable project that I can carry around with me, on holiday and out into the garden, something requiring minimal equipment and easy to stitch while chatting. I decided upon English Paper Piecing after being inspired by all of May Britt's projects and her workshop with Sue Daly. I have purchased a couple of Sue's starter packs at various quilt shops over the years, but have never actually done anything with them :) I have however done lots of EPP in the past and am a huge fan of how easy and portable it is, and the fact that you can get away with being a little less than accurate in the cutting out stage :)
These starter packs include an acrylic template as well as pre-cut papers, so the patches can be rotary cut. The clear templates are also great for fussy cutting.
I decided to start with Pies & Tarts. The next problem was fabrics, what colours to chose? I like the original in all different colours, but as my red fabric drawer is getting difficult to close :) I decided to use some of these.
I had some cream/red fabrics that were intended for a different project that was abandoned, so I pulled those too. I have never made a two colour quilt, but I like this combination of cream/red. I think the fact that I can still use loads of different fabrics will stop me getting bored :D
A quick check to make sure I am happy with the fabric combinations...
I just need to cut a few hundred more wedges and I will be set for summer :D  I only need a needle, thimble, some scissors and thread and I have the perfect take along project.

Project Notes:
Quilt Name: Cherry Pie
Quilt Size: probably 49" x 63"
Block Size: 7"
No. of Blocks: 63 pies and 48 tarts
Method: English Paper Piecing using a 'playing with papers' pack from Sue Daly


  1. Oh fun!! Looks like it will be a great quilt!

  2. Looks amazing and your red and cream combo makes me think of strawberry tarts and cherry pies.

    1. Love this description 'Strawberry Tarts' & 'Cherry Pies' !!

  3. I too loved seeing May's projects from Sue's workshop. It was so interesting, I don't EPP but hand piece but I am thinking of getting some clamshell papers and give it a try to add a border on a piece I am doing.

  4. Yum yum yummy Cherry Pie, love those cream and red fabrics!!

  5. Great to see you are doing the 'Cherry Pie' piecing project. I finished my Pies and Tarts top back in January. Have you chosen what background fabric you will use?
    I agree with Carole - lovely red and cream fabrics!

  6. Oh, that looks lovely and summery. Strawberries and cream! You will have fun making that quilt.

  7. That's the perfect "carry along" project. Love the fabrics - definitely cherry pie! Looking forward to progress reports.