23 April 2013

Cherry Pie Background

Yesterday I loaded my cutter with a new blade and spent a couple of hours cutting all the pie wedges for the re-named 'Strawberry Tarts & Cherry Pies' quilt (thanks for the suggestion Fiona!) as I was cutting I remembered a sale fabric I bought a few years ago to make a summer table cloth (it never got made!) I think it will be perfect for the backing...
My problem is what to use for the pie backgrounds, I did originally intend to use a plain cream, but wonder now if it is too insipid?
I really like the quilt Frances made with the Navy Background, so I pulled a piece of Black Moda marbles fabric, but maybe my pies are too soft and the black too strong?
I don't have enough of any one fabric...
I could combine two or even three...
I think maybe I need to look for a marbled biscuit kind of colour, like pastry?
What do you think? If it were your quilt what would you do?


  1. The black seems too harsh. I like the idea of using several different ones including the dots and the marbled one.

  2. How about a brown or a grey for the background.

  3. How about a dark tone on tone red burgundy?

  4. I don't know. Somehow with your using a cream color in the pies, I feel like a different color for the background would be nice. Not that dark fabric though -- too stark. What do you like with the reds? Green to make it Christmas-y? Grey?

  5. The background will make quite a difference to the feel of the quilt so I can see why you want to be careful. It could be dramatic with a dark red or deep cheddar but that has to suit your taste. Having a few light backs like dots and marbles sounds really nice too - for a softer blended look. Try auditioning a few more? Great backing - lots of fun!

  6. Oh, that backing is lovely! Could have been made for it!
    If it was my quilt I would use lots of different types of cream and tan background, a bit darker than the cream in the pies. It would liven up the whole quilt and looks interesting, but that is only my opinion of course.
    Have fun deciding!

  7. I like the dark background. Maybe u could use some of the black with burgundy as second. It makes the pies pop.........Thought just popped into my head: what about a gingham background like a table cloth.