23 May 2014

Trip Around The World

Last year lots of photos of gorgeous Trip around the World quilts started appearing all over blogland; Many of them based on Bonnie Hunter's free Scrappy Trips pattern (you can find it HERE) I loved all the scrappy variations and whacky colour choices, but I am not a huge fan of fast machine pieced projects so I didn't join in.

Last week on Facebook I noticed that Brigitte Giblin had posted a challenge to hand piece a TATW top based on a depression era quilt from Oklahoma. Definitely had to join in this one!

This is a picture of the original inspiration quilt, and my fabrics for the first 9 rounds, we have to complete this part by the end of June, when I think Brigitte will show the next part of the quilt. The challenge was to use a red spot fabric for the centre and in two more rounds. I didn't have a spot fabric as in the original, so substituted the red/cream swirl. I love the quote from that time "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!"
Mine will be a lot more muted than the original, which is fine by me. I laid out the first couple of rounds to see if I was happy with the colours. The blue fabric is by Liberty which I bought at the V & A quilt exhibition a couple of years ago, it feels good to be using it :)

I had barely enough of this black/blue for the first round. The squares are 1 1/2" finished size and I had a 5" square so just made it!
I would really like to make this whole quilt from stash, so expect some odd colour choices! I am going on the principle that each round only has to look good next to the previous and following rounds, we will see how this works out! I use very little black or blue in my quilts, so I am not really in my comfort zone, but this year I am determined to challenge myself!
I have sewn the first five rounds


  1. I too have watched the TATW projects. I decided to limit starting new projects, so I made a fabric postcard in the style and am pleased with the result. I love your fabric combinations and will be looking forward to more of this quilt appearing in the next months.

  2. Love this pattern for a quilt. Love the colors you have chosen.

  3. It looks pretty so far! So the challenge is to do it by hand? Wow!