24 May 2014

What a Difference a Polk a Dot Makes!

After posting my picture of Brigitte's TATW challenge yesterday and looking at all the fabulous other versions springing up, I felt it looked a little safe and boring :(
The challenge issued by Brigitte, is to use a red spot fabric in the centre and twice more in the quilt; I didn't have any red spot fabric and so I thought I would go with the red/cream. However after seeing the original again, I realised that it was the red polk a dot that drew me to it in the first place! Nothing for it but to go fabric shopping :) I found a fabulous fabric in our local shop for a very good price - however the spot was a little too bright for me, so I tea/coffee dyed it to knock it back a little, you can just see the original here and the small coffee dyed square.
I changed out my centre square and used the spot again for round six, I really love the way it makes the paler blue fabric pop and changes the whole feel of the quilt.
In line with the rest of the challenge, which is to use as many fabrics from stash as possible, all the rest of this quilt will come from my not very small collection (!) I have decided on the navy/cream floral for the next round and am auditioning fabrics for the next few rounds too.
We are only meant to go to the end of round 9 in June, so we haven't been shown the rest of the quilt, I am not sure whether to wait or go with what I think looks good to me. I am so enjoying this simple hand piecing project and the beauty of this pattern is you can stop whenever you get bored and call it done!


  1. The red spot really lifts the whole piece. I wonder how big yours will grow?

  2. Oh I like what the red dot does for the piece! Really brightens it up! Fantastic! I'm curious to see what the next part is. I saw Brigitte Giblin's on IG.

  3. I think it is the regularity of the spots contrasting with the more flowing patterns of the other fabrics that brings the whole thing to life, and the red spot row helps to create a sense of conversation with the central square.
    Well done.

  4. the red and blue polka dots change it from "that's a pretty quilt" to WOW what a great quilt!!!