19 May 2014

Everything in the Garden...

Is coming up lovely, thanks to the deposited river silt from the winter floods. The Clematis have started to flower and look wonderful
especially Nelly Moser...

and Dr Ruppel...

The new Weigela I planted flowered this year for the first time...
The dutch Irises are just coming out...
as is this beautiful bearded Iris...

and the first of the Roses - this is Benjamin Britten
We had some visitors to the bottom of the garden yesterday, it was so lovely to watch them...
all of which explain my lack of stitching! the weather here these last few days has been glorious so I have spent all of my free time outside.


  1. Such beautiful flowers blooming! Love the sweet little chicks!

  2. Wow, it is hard to believe that the floods were good for something :-), but it is usually the case in the regions which flood regularly, the soil is very fertile.
    I have just planted Dr Ruppel, so I hope it will do well. In fact everything in our new garden is "just planted" , we will have to wait and see which plants will like it here, but that is the joy of gardening :-)

  3. So so lovely! Sweet little chicks too!

  4. Beautiful! - I'd be out there too if I could :)

  5. Your post really cheered me up this morning!
    Our flowers usually come in June.

  6. how does your golden like the ducks?? Gardening goes hand in hand with quilting. It's all love of color and texture, beauty and order.
    LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!