13 October 2020

I'm a Serial Knitter!

I don't know how it happened I blame this crazy time we are living in.  I am very happy with my finished Fair Isle Cardigan and it has already had lots of wear. This is Green Lane by Mary Henderson. https://www.ravelry.com/projects/suller/green-lane

I then immediately cast on to knit Trove by Emma Ducher, I was a little concerned that the colours I had chosen were a little bright but I really liked the pattern made by the slipped stitches so I carried on.

This is the original pattern, as you can see the colours are much softer. 

The sweater is knitted in a wooly double knitting yarn, slipping stitches creates the dot pattern but result in a double thickness fabric, this will be one very warm garment!  I am not sure I will get much wear out of it, and I am still unsure of the colours, so for the first time I have a knitting project in time out!

I then decided I needed something simpler and I really wanted to use these fabulous silk, mohair blend yarns from Lichtfaden.

So I cast on Washed Out by Joji Locatelli https://www.ravelry.com/projects/suller/washed-out

This is such a lovely easy knit that I have decided to save it as my take along knitting when visiting elderly family, it fits neatly into the project pouch I made out of an old embroidery.

I was spurred on by the fact that the yarn I had been waiting for arrived and so I was able to start Miss Apple's Little Cardi from Laine magazine.

I am using two yarns held together in a wool/alpaca/mohair/silk mix which has resulted in the most beautifully soft and warm fabric.

I have finished the bulk of the knitting and it is currently blocking on my Jumper Board

I need to steek it and knit the button bands, but while I am waiting for it to dry, I have cast on to knit a traditional Aran jumper for my husband.  He has been asking me to knit one for him for years but I couldn't  find a suitable pattern until now. I discovered an Etsy seller who has PDFs of vintage patterns, so we are all set.

I bought some beautiful Bluefaced Leicester wool from Yorkshire in the natural sheep colour, it is gorgeous and should be perfect to show off the cables, I've swatched and am good to go!

So, one project blocking (I will finish this when it's dry), one take along project, one at home difficult project and one project in time out, that's ok isn't it ?!? or is this how it starts lol!!


  1. such pretty knitting! you must have a lot of experience over the years as they are beautiful sweaters

  2. They're all beautiful projects and I like the colors for the sweater in time out. They're not too bright at all. I would finish that sweater it will be a good one for the very cold cold days of winter but maybe you don't get those where you live. Happy knitting!

  3. You are so talented! They're all very pretty.

  4. I think this is how it starts! I'm a serial crocheter - nothing big in progress at the moment, largely because I've yet to find the yarn I want to use....