12 February 2019

Same Fabrics, Different Quilt

I mentioned before that I started a Template of the Month design by Jen Kingwell 'Golden Days' I really struggled with the colour choices for this quilt, Jen's style is very scrappy/multi coloured and I didn't have the confidence to try and copy her look.

I decided on a palette of Purples, Green and Yellow with some Ivory for background, again not my usual colour choices but I wanted to challenge myself 😀

I made the first few blocks...

I then decided that I really didn't like the Spring Green and was having difficulty in visualising the finished quilt.  It went in time out for several weeks.

I then discovered that Rachel from Stitched in Color is hosting a QAL for another of Jen's patterns 'Gypsy Wife'  you can find all the details here:

I have the pattern book and decided that this would be a much better fit for my scheme.  The quilt looks quite busy from Jen's example

But looking at the line drawing, I can see that it will work for me, I plan to make all the blocks in shades and tones of purples with a little yellow for accent, and the background stripes very pale with maybe a little green.

This is my rough plan, the green is actually low volume with with a small amount of green and I will mix in different creams, whites etc to make the background very subtle.

I have made the first few blocks, I won't keep pace with the QAL but I don't mind I am happy I have a plan for these fabrics.

I have an idea for the appliqué blocks I have already made and I still have all the templates and pattern for Golden Days, I just need to think how I will make it, I think maybe I have a two colour quilt in me blue/white or Red/Cream, it needs some thought!


  1. I think I have that book or maybe it is another by her, I know I got it then wasn't sure if I wanted to make it. On that first photo I really like the row of blocks on the right side.

  2. You have done very well in your preparations :-), enjoy the journey!

  3. It will be interesting to compare yours with the original, but I do like the look of how you have started!

  4. Coming up with a plan with the perfect fabrics can be the most challenging part. I think you're on your way.

  5. I love the busyness of the Gypsy Wife Quilt. I like that you are mixing up the design. The blocks you have stitched are lovely.

  6. I have long admired Gypsy Wife, probably because I can boast a real life Gypsy way back in my heritage! But the design always seemed much too busy for me. I like how you are reducing the colours and using the pale green as your background strips, so I may need to have another look at this project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love your thought process, and how starting one quilt can lead to another. I too struggle to replicate Jen's look. I deliberately have to leave out lime green and cobalt blue - and hot pink too. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.