19 October 2018

Adventures in Low Volume

I have seen many quilts popping up on social media that are described as 'Low Volume'
Melanie at Southern Charm Quilts has an interesting article explaining what makes a fabric low volume HERE

I think of these as Modern Quilts, and as someone who is normally drawn to antique/repro fabrics I thought it would be fun to have a go at a low volume quilt of my own.  I had an EPP pattern I wanted to try and bought some pale fabrics, you can see the original plan here:


I cut out the pieces for a few blocks and started stitching; I very quickly got bored 😔 I enjoyed fussy cutting some of the pieces, but a whole quilt in Low Volume, really wasn't holding my attention. My work isn't wasted, I learned something and the blocks I made were just the right size to turn into a pouch to hold my light pad 😀

I will use my 'fussy cutting' fabric for the back - I had to search to find a piece large enough with no holes 🤣

I still really want to make a quilt with modern Low Volume fabrics, looking again at all the quilts that have inspired me, I think it is the combination of these as backgrounds to brighter colours that I love.  On to Plan B ....

Add some bright colours to the pale selection, lots of these are leftovers from my 'Down the Rabbit Hole' Quilt

Melanie is hosting the 'I am enough" QAL , it is a Free pattern she has designed and you can find all the details here:

It is my favourite kind of quilt, scrappy with lots of different blocks 😀 I am learning a lot too with this one! so far I have tried a new fusible appliqué thread (Charlotte's Web) and the French Braid pattern which has been on my list to make for years. I have lots of handwork on the go at the moment so I think this will be my machine project.


  1. It's good to spot you aren't keen enough on a technique in time to stop, rather than feeling you have to plod through. And what you've done looks good!

  2. Oh Elaine, I am definitely not low volume, along with the Lucy Boston - I became so bored with that. I need to package up my pieces and send them to a friend to see if she likes doing them. Have a great day!

  3. Lots of different styles of quilts. That's the great part. Something for everyone

  4. I've just finished a sewalong quilt using low volume fabrics...mostly shirtings..and it was challenging. It was made using the book Tula Pink's City Sampler. I'll be putting it all together this week with no sashing and it reminds me of a newspaper, so I will call the quilt the Daily News....my husband says the quilt is boring, lol. I, too, am going to do the I Am Enough..I've just started cutting for the first block and thought to use my template from Down the Rabbit Hole, which I'm wondering if you did, too. I thought to do it with the rounded tops, but am doing it like the pattern calls for, but now, seeing yours, I'm having second thoughts....it's beautiful!

  5. Your blue and white piece is so soft looking and very pretty. I am not a modern style quilter but have been drawn to the low volume look even though I haven't tried it.