16 March 2017

17 in 2017 - The Baby Cardigan

No. 11 on my 2017 list of UFOs is The baby Cardigan.  Strictly speaking it shouldn't really count as it's not my WIP !!! Just before she went on maternity leave, my embroidery teacher brought in a bag of yarn and a half finished baby cardigan; her mum had given up on the pattern and she didn't know anyone who could knit, I said I would take a look...

The yarn was a gorgeous eco baby cotton by Debbie Bliss and so soft

But the pattern, my goodness! It was a cute wrap style cardigan with rosebuds also by Debbie Bliss

The garment is tiny to fit a new born and each rosebud needs it's own bobbin of yarn or there would be lots of trailing yarn for little fingers to get caught in :( each row was taking about 30 minutes and I had to constantly check my tension.  We quickly decided that life was too short and I put everything back in the bag while I finished my surprise gift for her

Modelled by the gorgeous Ivy :)

The yarn was too lovely (and expensive!) to waste so we decided I would try and find a simpler pattern to use it.  I chose Playful Stripes by Alana Dakos 

What a joy it was to knit :) the finished garment is so wonderfully soft, and blocked beautifully

There was enough yarn for the second size so plenty of growing room!

I like the little details Alana has included, like the picot edging on the bottom and sleeve cuffs

I can't wait to see the gorgeous Ivy wearing it!


  1. Beautiful cardigans. That yarn looks scrumptious!

  2. Beautiful sweaters. Beautiful yarns.

  3. Lovely cardies! And what a sweet model!

  4. Gorgeous cardies and oh how sweet Ivy is.

  5. Elaine, those are both beautiful. I'm envious of folks who can knit nicely - I never could get the hang of it.

  6. How gorgeous, Elaine! Beautiful knitting and another off the list!!

  7. Wow! Love both pieces. Just wonderful!

  8. Such gorgeous knitting - congratulations!!