16 January 2017

Happy Days Sarah Fielke 2016 BOM

I have finally finished piecing all the units for my Liberty version of 'Happy Days'

The 20  blocks...

The side wreaths...
and the setting stars...

The final layout

I have remade the top left block by replacing the outer pink with background fabric, it was just too bold, I thought it might be but it took a photo to convince me it was worth taking the time to redo!

Auditioning border fabrics

The quilt doesn't go together in rows and columns, we have to do some step piecing, it's slow going but so far so good.  I would really like this to be a quilt top before the 2017 BOM begins at the end of this month.


  1. oh this is gorgeous..love that central bunny hugs, Julierose

  2. So so gorgeous! I can't wait to see a finish! Good for you for working to get this done before the next one starts!

  3. Such a beautiful assortment of blocks. A treasure for sure.

  4. All those lovely fabrics having fun in those sampler blocks. It generally seems that one or two blocks need to be redone in a sampler. Especially one that's been a BOM over a long period of time. Great job for getting this one done.

  5. That is SO beautiful, if I'd made that I'd keep popping back into the room to gaze at it! That's a lot if stitching, I always fall behind on bom's but I enjoy them. I'm in UK too and also signed up on the rabbit hole quilt because I heard about it here! I'm trying to get a Janet Clare bom quilted up before the start too. Looking fwd to seeing your pics 😊 happy sewing!

  6. It's developing well - I'm sure you will achieve your aim!

  7. Congrats on getting all of your blocks finished, it's looking very beautiful. Wishing you all the best for sewing them all together before the end on the month.