27 July 2016

An Hour a Day at Least

I have made great progress this week on my Liberty Sampler, by following Meredith's challenge to stitch for at least an hour a day, I have turned this pile of blocks
into these...

 I love the parrot!

They all need pressing and squaring up, but it turns out I can sew and talk/listen at the same time!
We celebrated my mum's 70th birthday while she was visiting and I managed to get a rare photo of the two of us together, it's a complete coincidence that we are wearing matching colours!
I am off on holiday for a couple of weeks, I still have some blocks prepped
my little scarecrow project bag is packed and ready to go!

15 July 2016

An hour a day?

Apart from attending weekly embroidery class (and I missed one of those) I have not stitched at all for several weeks. A combination of illness and visiting family have taken their toll. Last class before the summer break is on Monday and I would really like to finish my canvas work piece.

My mother arrives on Tuesday for a week, my embroidery is not very portable at the moment, so what to do?
Meredith has issued a challenge starting on Sunday to stitch for an hour a day, I think I might be able to manage some applique I have my basket ready...

and a whole lot of Liberty Sampler blocks prepared ...

 I think I can do it!