23 April 2016


We have just come back from a week away in Scotland visiting family, and have just finished redecorating some of our upstairs rooms; my eldest son has just moved out and I am moving my small sewing space into his much larger room - I will have to share it with a sofa bed but I will have a lot more space to work. My current space is in chaos which I am finding oddly disturbing, I really want to sew something but I need to sort out my new space first. It will take several days or weeks to get organised I am sure so I have started a little hand piecing project to keep my sanity!

I pulled this pattern from an old issue of Quiltmania several years ago, it is for a pieced/embroidery quilting hoop bag.

 I am EPP the hexagons with some beautiful Oakshott cotton fabrics, supplemented with some Jo Morton cottons from my stash.
I would like to do lots of crazy quilting over the top; I will save the actual embroidery for next term's embroidery class as I need help with stitches etc. In the meantime I have bought some ribbons and beads and pulled any threads I though might work from my stash.
It is nice to have something to work on in the evenings while the house is in chaos! Hopefully I will be back soon with some photos of my new space.


  1. I can't work in an unorganized space either and would need to do some clean up first. Looking forward to seeing your new sewing space

  2. Good luck with the reorganisation - it will be worth it when it is done!

  3. That sofa bed is a perfect quilt design surface - I use the one in my sewing room all the time!

  4. I agree also can't work in unorganised space, will be worth the effort of reorganising etc.!!!

  5. A larger sewing space? It will be worth the wait and the chaos once it's all sorted out! Have fun with your EPP in the meantime!

  6. I see hexagons...and I see that you baste them through all the way. I wasn't taught to make them that way. I was taught to just tack down the corners on the back. That way I don't have the extra step of taking out basting once they are sewn together.