26 February 2016

happy, happy

This is block 4 of the Splendid Sampler 'happy, happy' by Jen Kingwell. I skipped blocks 2 and 3 as they didn't appeal to me. I substituted yo-yos and woven wheels for the circles on this one too!

15 February 2016

Stonefields Revisited

One of my quilting goals for this year is to do something with the Stonefields Blocks I have made.

I need a new quilt for our bed and I think the colours which I have used (mainly pinks and blues) will match the new curtains I finally made.
I bought a couple of yards of toile type cottons, which will hopefully work for sashing, borders etc and tie everything together
I have a sort of plan for a medallion style quilt, I am waiting for some fabric to arrive and I need to fine tune my ideas. I would really like to incorporate some broderie perse, a bit like this quilt by Megan Carroll

Whatever I end up doing, I know I will need a few more 6" blocks if I want a quilt to fit our bed. I have decided to join in with The Splendid Sampler, I only plan to make blocks that I really like for now and have challenged myself to only use fabrics from my scrap bins. This is block one 'Hearts a Flutter'

10 February 2016

Mostly Knitting and Reading

Unfortunately I have had lots of work to do this last week, so very little daylight for sewing. I did manage to make four of the connecting star blocks for my Liberty Sampler
In the evenings I have been working on my mystery shawl, it is getting quite large now and each row is taking about 30 mins. It should be lovely and warm when it's finished.
I have been reading this book for the last couple of weeks, it is all about Charles Rennie Macintosh and set during WWI

02 February 2016

Quilting again

It feels good to be quilting again! We received the first month's instructions for Sarah's BOM, I was a bit nervous about cutting into my Liberty fabrics, but I like the way this block has turned out.
The background fabric has a small grey pin dot, I think it works. Most of the fabrics I have are quite cool...
I have ordered another charm pack, the 5" squares will be perfect for the connecting star blocks we have to make and should provide some variety and warmer colours.

I am still knitting my mystery shawl, there was a prize for the first one to finish, I knew that would never be me!
I treated myself to a little gift from Loch Broom Pottery to stop my yarn running away

I couldn't resist the Highland Coo!
I have been listening to the Radio 4 book of the week from a couple of weeks ago as I work, I really love having someone read to me! I have ordered the actual book so I can read an unabridged version. It has some wonderful descriptions of Orkney and the power of nature to heal.