08 April 2015

Angelica the Headless Angel

Actually it would be more accurate to call her Angelica the bodiless angel, as she has had a head for several months now...
ever since last summer when I decided to convert this cross stitch chart into a canvas work/needlepoint design and stitched the head far too big (because I can't count!!)
Embroidery class starts again next week, and I want to finally work my angel; as the new piece will be much larger than I wanted, I am going for a largely appliqué design. I have bought some pieces of lovely silks to use for her clothing
and have a choice of either the silver textured silk for the background (at the bottom of the photo)
or this white ecclesiastical damask - which do you prefer?

I have raided my stash and bought a couple of bits to add in; I want to embroider her robes and maybe do some padding/trapunto

 Lovely perle cottons
 Rayon and whisper for the wings...
Silks and hand dyed cottons for the embroidery
 Silk ribbon for her bouquet
 a bit of bling!
I have planned out my colours
My box is packed and ready to go! roll on Monday!
EDITED I have just discovered a great new blog with a link up just for embroidery


  1. I really love the silver as a background. I think it will give the piece a wonderful texture. The white, to me, deadens the colors out too much. Just my two cents worth, so feel free to ignore.

  2. That looks exciting, I'm excited to see more as embroidery progresses.
    sincerely Dorte

  3. Bear in mind that some things really come to life with a coloured background - I would tend towards the silver, between the silver and the white, but I'd look at other colours too. Just in case.

  4. Looks so gorgeous! Not sure on the background. I like both really, but the silver looks like it gives more contrast??

  5. That looks like a great project !

  6. Looking forward to seeing your angel "fly"!

  7. Your angel is going to be beautiful! I hope you'll post pictures as you progress towards finishing her. And thanks so much for linking up to my new Stitchery Link Party and also letting people know about it! Hugs!!

    BTW... I love the house in your blog banner!