25 April 2015

It's all about the Tulips

Work and family commitments have left little spare time these last few weeks, what free time I have had I have spent in the garden. One of the benefits of taking regular photos throughout the year, is that I can see where I have gaps in the planting. Last April the garden looked a little bare, the daffodils were over and although there was lots coming up, nothing else was in flower, so last autumn I planted some tulips and I am very glad I did!

08 April 2015

Angelica the Headless Angel

Actually it would be more accurate to call her Angelica the bodiless angel, as she has had a head for several months now...
ever since last summer when I decided to convert this cross stitch chart into a canvas work/needlepoint design and stitched the head far too big (because I can't count!!)
Embroidery class starts again next week, and I want to finally work my angel; as the new piece will be much larger than I wanted, I am going for a largely appliqué design. I have bought some pieces of lovely silks to use for her clothing
and have a choice of either the silver textured silk for the background (at the bottom of the photo)
or this white ecclesiastical damask - which do you prefer?

I have raided my stash and bought a couple of bits to add in; I want to embroider her robes and maybe do some padding/trapunto

 Lovely perle cottons
 Rayon and whisper for the wings...
Silks and hand dyed cottons for the embroidery
 Silk ribbon for her bouquet
 a bit of bling!
I have planned out my colours
My box is packed and ready to go! roll on Monday!
EDITED I have just discovered a great new blog with a link up just for embroidery

05 April 2015

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

My first attempt at a simnel cake - it is really yummy! The recipe is by Mary Berry

Easter Chocolate
Daffodils and Forsythia from the garden