08 September 2014

Sunflowers make me Smile!

I adore Sunflowers, they are such cheerful happy flowers. My husband has grown some at the bottom of our garden for the first time this year. These are 'Russian Giant' and some are 3 meters (9 feet) tall!
They must really like the fertile soil left from the floods; this one is the size of a dinner plate!

I had the urge to start an appliqué quilt, so I dug out this pattern I had pulled from an old issue of Quilters Companion. It is 'Queen Daisy' by Susan Smith
Susan was inspired by this photograph of an antique British coverlet
I changed the pattern a little so that my flowers look more like sunflowers than daisies
I can't decide on the fabric for the basket, but think I prefer this one, looking at the photos, I also think that the pale pomegranate is a little too wishy washy, I might have to change it too!
The pieces are basted on ready to stitch, I will embroider all the stems and some other details once I have finished the appliqué.
I think it is about time I worked on my hand pieced Russian Sunflowers project too, it has been hibernating since Nov 2012.
You can never have too many sunflowers right?


  1. Oh I like the second basket also, Elaine! I love that you changed the flower to sunflower--very nice! Those Russian Sunflowers are gorgeous--I have never seen that pattern before--loving it...hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh my -- I love those Russian Sunflowers. Wow! Love your other quilt as well.

  3. Anonymous9/9/14 07:55

    Sunflowers are such happy flowers aren't they, I like what you've done with your block, I prefer the first basket - perhaps because it looks as if its woven.
    Your hand pieced sunflowers are stunning.


  4. Agreed, there's no such thing as too many sunflowers, and yes, I think the pomegranate needs to be stronger and warmer in tone (at least based on how it comes out on my screen..)

  5. I love sunflowers in my garden and on your quilt block :)

  6. Your sunflowers make me smile, too!

  7. Love all of your sunflowers, the real ones in the garden, the appliqué for Queen Daisy and the pieced Russian ones. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  8. I am so glad you got our your Russian Sunflower to show us, and it's hand pieced? WOW! I love the fabrics you used!