12 July 2014

This Week...

Our house has been filled with workmen both inside and out, I have spent most of my time keeping one very large, very hairy, very friendly dog, away from all the tools and wet paint!
I have managed to sneak a little time away from the chaos to do a little bit of stitching - I think it is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment!
I stitched some more on my thatched roof...
I have embroidered a little more of the leaves on Tipsy Thistle...
And stitched another row on my TATW...
and received a wonderful gift of fabric and patterns from my Australian swap partner Elizabeth! We had to send a FQ of fabric to our swap buddy, which we will have to use in the next round of the challenge. I am really enjoying this hand piecing project, I can pick it up and put it down at will.
Hopefully next week will be just as productive, but my sister and family arrive at the weekend for 10 days so I will have to clean!


  1. Summer is company time here, too. Housefuls of family, kids, doge; this week we also have workmen inside and I am wondering how our grand-dog, Libby, will react while we are dog sitting! She is VERY active!
    Love your little Boston commons quilt (do you call it by that name, too??) hugs, Julierose

  2. you got a bit done and with company you sure will be busy - have fun visiting

  3. Great stitching and the quilt is looking great. I like the fabric your partner sent you. Will your workmen be gone by the time company arrives? Hope so!

  4. I can just imagine that you need the stitching to keep yourself sane among the workmen - good luck!

  5. You have so many great projects in the works! Jasper looks like he is having a good time of it! :)

  6. Lots of lovely projects, sounds very hectic with all the workmen,visitors arriving Enjoy!

  7. Like your projects, but love your Harry little friend...giggle. So cute!