18 September 2013

Crazy Wedding Sampler, Let the Fun Begin !

Embroidery class started again on Monday following the summer break. I have finally started to embellish the first of my crazy wedding sampler quilt blocks. Most of the lesson was spent trying to decide on colours, stitches etc, but I did manage to attach some lace and do a little ribbon embroidery. I love working with silk ribbon and am really enjoying learning how to use it, I plan to do a lot more ribbon embroidery before this is finished!


  1. Wow that looks lovely well done !!!

  2. So beautiful! This is just so great!

  3. Emily this is just beautiful ! Thanks for inspiring -- I have a wedding for a niece two years out -- this would be a perfect shower gift -- a wedding photo of her grandparents! Hugs,


  4. What an interesting idea! So amazing that you were able to transfer the photos onto fabric like that!

  5. I started giggling when I saw Wedding Sampler in your post title:)))
    OH MY I have been waiting to see some of your progress. So far?
    Spectacular, love the lace and pretty quilting too.
    love Annette

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You did a lovely job. :)