20 August 2013

Crazy Wedding Sampler - Piecing the Backgrounds

So finally, after a considerable amount of trial and quite a few errors! I managed to print my chosen photos on to fabric. It didn't help that I am not very computer literate and was too impatient to read the instructions on the fabric sheets to start with!
Then using some pieces of silk mixed with a little lace and cotton fabrics, I pieced my four crazy quilt block backgrounds.
My I present my grandparent's on their wedding day in the early 1940's...

my husband's grandparents at the wedding of his parent's in 1962...
My in-law's and my parent's in 1962 & 1966...
And finally us in 1990...
I like the naked pieced blocks very much :)
But I think they will  look even better when embellished with some of these lovely threads and silk ribbons!
I am all ready for class to start in September.


  1. Elain this is going to be so lovely--I really like your thread choices too...can't wait to see your progress on this one...julierose

  2. Neat! Do you find as I do that I see a lot of women back in the 40's and 50's that wear suits and hats for their weddings instead of dresses? We have a lot of old photos of my parents included that did this? I wonder why.

  3. Wow, that's so great! You are really going with this project! It's looking so pretty with the white pieces and all.

  4. Oh, Elaine that looks wonderful. You will have a fantastic time working on those blocks...

  5. This is going to be an amazing heirloom.

  6. I think this is the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen. It's going to be a true family heirloom. I love all your thread you selected. WOW!!! love Annette