16 August 2013

Crazy Planning

I have always admired Victorian Crazy Quilts, I love the madness of them and the over the top embellishment and embroidery details. I bought this wonderful book last year and have spent hours reading and studying it, and Allie's blog.
Now that I have completed my first embroidery course, I feel confident that I can tackle a crazy quilt piece of my own. I discussed the idea with Sophie before we broke for the summer and agreed that I would piece the background during the holidays, and she would then teach me all the embroidery stitches I need, when we start class again in September. I want to start small with 4 x 8" blocks featuring the wedding photos of myself, parents, in-laws and all four sets of grandparents. When we visited on Tuesday my mother-in-law very kindly sent me away with the photos from her own wedding. My mum sent me her wedding photo too :) along with one of me as a baby (top left)
I have spent all afternoon scanning photos :) and playing with special effects. Don't my grandparents look very formal and serious?!
I love the sepia tones of these photos and think the colours will work much better with my chosen palette than the black and white images of my parents & in-laws wedding photos
I need to play around with my photo software and print everything in sepia tones I think. I have some paper backed silk that can be fed through the printer that I will use for the actual piece. These are just draft copies on paper so I can check size etc.
I want to have a sort of family tree arrangement, I need to try smaller photos I think. I have already bought some silks for the patchwork which I will combine with some cottons I have.
 I also have a box full of threads and lace etc for the embellishment along with some beautiful silk ribbon and beads.
I am really excited about this project and can't wait to get started! I have been browsing the internet studying images of crazy quilts and all the fabulous details. I just need to figure out how to print the photos onto my silk :) does anyone have any experience of printing photos onto fabric? This is the product I have bought, it is not cheap and I don't want to waste it :) any advice gratefully received!


  1. She has a class on Craftsy right now Crazy Quilts and I have been listening to the class - I don't know when/if I will ever get started on one of my own - I think it is the same book that you show that comes free as an e book with the class. It is interesting and she shows in detail how to make the stitches.

  2. I love the colours you have chosen for the threads and embellishing. I look forward to following your progress.

  3. What an interesting project, I will also enjoy following following your progress.

  4. This will be an heirloom project for sure! I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. I hope you can figure out how to print the photos. I have no clue how to do such things. Good luck1

  5. O, this sounds interesting!!! I look forward to see the next part! You will enjoy this, I am sure.

  6. Such an interesting project, Elaine! I love going through all my old family photos. It was amazing how back in the day they all seemed to be dressed up every day :) This will be such a treasure, I can't wait to see how it works up!

  7. I have a crazy quilt my great grandmother made out of scraps of clothing. Her husband who was a ship's captain designed the entire quilt down to the intricate stitching between pieces of fabric, and she made the quilt to his design.


    copy that URL above and you can see it

    Good luck. I love the idea of the photographs but have never made a quilt so can't offer any advice.

  8. This sounds like a fascinating project. I can't offer any practical advice but will cheer you on as you make it!