14 March 2019

Coming Home

I have signed up again this year for the Sarah Fielke BOM 'Coming Home'  I really enjoyed the last 3 BOMs largely because they are pattern only, leaving you free choose your own fabrics. This year I am stitching along with three of ladies from my quilt group, it will be fun to work on this together 😄

I think I will base my quilt on the Welsh Village of Portmerion, I love the Ice Cream colours the buildings are painted, very different to what you normally see in a Welsh Village! You can read more about it here: https://portmeirion.wales

with a touch of the seaside :)

This is Sarah's sketch for the quilt

and two of the fabrics I have for some of the backgrounds

 and for some the houses...

This is the end of part one

I finished part two at quilt group this morning, where my friends very helpfully pointed out the the reason my triangles wouldn't fit was because I had cut my square 1/4" too big! Thank goodness for friends as I couldn't figure out what was wrong!

Lots of opportunity for some fussy cutting :)

I skipped the appliquéd stars as I wanted to fussy cut some boats

The top and bottom borders will be attached next month once we stitch the corner squares

Looking at the photo I've just realised the bottom border is upside down, luckily it's not stitched down yet!


  1. that is such a pretty village!! I would love to see that in person and wander looks like such a nice place to visit. I love your colors that you have chosen and the fussy cut pieces are delightful!

  2. I never liked this village, for me it was so out of place for Wales and for the UK. I do love your fabric choice though and I love to see how you go on.

  3. Portmerion is a very disconcerting sort of place. But I do remember having the best ever bought bara brith in a teashop there!

  4. This is turning out great. I love your colors and the fussy cutting you have added. I'd be interested in making this quilt if I could use all the fabrics you have put in it. Your choices are wonderful! I'll probably never go to Portmerion (because I live in the western U.S.) but it looks like a fantasy type of place to visit.

  5. I LOVE your fussy cut elements! So sweet!

  6. Locks like a fun BOM. Love your fabric choices and the fussy cutting. Portmeirion looks like an interesting village.

  7. Wonderful color palette for this BOM! I will definitely be following along with you on your journey.:)

  8. Anonymous15/3/19 19:51

    It’s lovely!

  9. So fun to see this happening on one of my regular blog stops! I really love her BOMs. I'm looking forward to getting my daughter's graduation quilt squared away, because then I'm putting my Rabbit Hole on the fast track to finish piecing. Your Coming Home is so very pretty.

  10. I'm sure your quilt will be beautiful. My mum loves Portmerion pottery/ceramics/china (not sure what it's called!). She has lots of dishes, bowls, storage containers, and jugs. I guess they will all end up at my house one day. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.