02 October 2018

Stonefields Revisited

Way back in 2014 I was luck enough to take a class with Susan Smith and see the real 'Stonefields' Quilt, with her permission I took lots of photos, you can see them here http://emilyscupboard.blogspot.com/2014/09/stonefields-more-you-look-more-you-see.html

I has already started a BOM but after seeing the original I swapped out a lot of the fabrics.  I made 60 blocks and some rosettes and then got distracted by shiny new projects :( all my posts are here:

I have tried a couple of times to finish it, but I couldn't decide how I wanted to set the blocks, I knew I wanted to change it from the original.  I had this Dutch Chintz panel and I thought it would look good in the centre.  I love medallion quilts!

 I put everything up on my design wall but something wasn't right.

It looks too fussy, maybe it just needs a simple border to frame it?

It didn't matter which fabric I used for a border, it still didn't look right - believe me I tried several!!  I have decided that the problem is the colours in the centre panel, whilst I love them, they are strong and rich, and just a bit too shouty for the delicate pale blues, pinks, ivory and grey of the blocks, it competes too much, so I will save it for the centre of another quilt.  

I love Strippy Quilts and I decided that is what I will do, I found a lovely length of an old Andover fabric in my stash which I think works well, and a lovely cream tone on tone for sashing strips.

Yes I like this, much softer.  I will hand quilt this one, the sashing is perfect for a nice soft cable.  I found  some more fabric in the stash that will be perfect for the backing.

Now I just need to piece the top! I have to finish the quilts for my sons first, but then this will be my focus project.


  1. I can see why you wanted to use that piece, but you've made the right choice..

  2. Love the first piece of fabric but your next one is perfect.Great choice.

  3. Oh decisions, my first reaction was that I loved the tree of life panel at the centre but your second choice will also be beautiful.

  4. love the stripe for the border - perfect

  5. I went with a border stripe for my version of the Stonefields quilt. I did not want to do the hexagon border. The main body of the quilt is so busy and the hexagon border makes it even more so. I am thinking of doing a second one from the pattern and had thought about a medallion style similar to yours.

  6. I think you made a wise decision by leaving out the center panel!