29 October 2013

Crewelwork Robin

I spent all of my weekend stitching time with a small size 12 needle and one strand of cotton, practicing my silk shading. I think I am getting better, but it is very slow progress! Yesterday I was in the mood for something a bit chunkier and so started a new Crewel Embroidery.
A few weeks ago a friend and I went to the William Morris Gallery to see 'The Art of Embroidery' exhibition by Nicola Jarvis. I love William Morris and the gallery was the prefect setting for Nicola's work.
Nicola is a fantastic artist and has created some amazing William Morris inspired bird drawings

Which have then been turned into the most amazing embroideries.
I loved the robin and purchased the crewelwork kit while I was there
which comes with my favourite appleton's crewel wools, and the design already traced!
I had the twill mounted and drum tight on my millennium frame in a few minutes.
I love designing my own embroidery, but sometimes it is really nice to be able to just stitch without too much thought. Nicola's kits are beautifully presented and seem to have plenty of wools.
The body is filled in with split stitch and seed stitch
and I love the stripy satin stitched legs!


  1. Your embroidery is looking lovely, looking forward to watching your progress. All the birds drawings look beautiful !!!

  2. So so beautiful! I'd love to order one of the needlepoint birds -- don't think I could manage the crewelwork, but needlepoint, yes.

  3. In the photo is large house called a "manor house" it is so large and so nice to have it be a museum - the upkeep on houses like that must be too much for most people. And by the way I like the embroidery :)

  4. I am like Annelein, just speechless! It is all quite amazing!

  5. This is beautiful love the embroidery.

  6. Elaine thanks so much for sharing your visit. How lovely to see William Morris birds turned in to drawings and embroidery I love his art work. Your little bird is growing so quickly and it is wonderful to see how you are approaching the making of this wee bird, looking forward to the next stages as it grows. I do enjoy watching your needle work progress you are very generous sharing your new skills and old ones as your work with a needle is incredible. Cheers Glenda

  7. What lovely work you are doing - kit or no kit, the skill comes in putting the needle and thread in the right places to make it work! Beautiful!

  8. Thoes birds are gorgeous! What a lovely thing to do, I am sure you will enjoy them!

  9. LOVE these robins and yours is looking gorgeous! So tempting, have to go on the 'to do list'.

  10. Oh My ! These are just beautiful Elaine -- thanks so much for writing about them. They are a must find for me!