03 May 2019

Still Knitting ...

Things have been really busy around here and all of my quilt projects seem to need 'thinking time' before I can carry on, hopefully things will calm down and I can spend some time planning.  In the meantime I have been knitting, and have finished my Tenaya just in time for the hottest Easter on record! I really love it and I know that I will get lots of wear out of it next winter.

The yarn is gorgeous and wooly :) Gotland from Blacker yarns. Ravelry notes here:

It has lots of lovely texture and detail

I decided that it might be a good idea to knit something that I can wear now, so I've saved the lovely yarn I bought in Scotland for Autumn and bought some more Blacker Yarn, this time Lyonesse a mix of 50% Falkland Wool and 50% Linen.  It's a lovely Airforce blue/grey colour

I decided on a lose Jumper (sweater) design from Issue 2 of Laine magazine - I love this magazine it's full of lovely Nordic designs.

The pattern is called The Sommer Regn by Renate Yerkes
Ravelry link Here https://www.ravelry.com/projects/suller/the-sommer-regn

It has a lovely cured hem and lace pattern that looks like rain, it's knit in the round up to the armholes and then back and forth with short row shaping. This is the front

and the back

I hope to finish it in the next coupe of weeks, I think it will be a lovely light garment for cooler summer days.


  1. I love all the stitch work on your knitting. I am no where near talented enough to do cables! one day I will concentrate on learning how to knit in the meantime I will continue with the crochet

  2. Your knitting is so lovely! When I see your projects, it really make me feeling like starting a sweater! I think I had better stick with quilts. Happy stitching or knitting!

  3. You do such beautiful work! I wish I had your talent for knitting.

  4. You're knitting is beautiful!

  5. I can't even imagine making a beautiful sweater like that. Well done

  6. OH Elaine, between you and Kathy I could really learn how to knit!!!! Such beautiful work! You are so very very talented! Your quilting is just as beautiful!