25 February 2018

A very productive day

It has turned bitterly cold here this week, so after a brisk walk with the dog first thing, I got busy in my sewing room.

I spent all morning (!) making a zip up tray pouch, the idea is clever but I am not really happy with the one I have made, maybe it needs to settle down into it's shape?

I like that when you un zip it, it forms a tray so you can see the contents easily

After lunch I decided that some faster projects were needed !  I bought a metre each of these fabrics on sale, I thought the Dale horses would be good for my Simple Folk quilt, but it is a very corse open weave cotton.

Not really suitable for appliqué, but good for making zipped project pouches, I really like lined fabric bags for my on-going projects, much nicer than a plastic bag for carrying to quilt group.

I had enough fabric to make a big one and a small one

Finally I wanted to make some kind of portable design pad, so that I could layout my pieces ready to stitch and then pin and roll it up to transport it easily.

This is simply a layer of wadding sandwiched between two pieces of fabric, inside is a padded surface I can pin my pieces to.

Earlier in the week I finished the binding on this small quilt for Project Linus  the fabrics were all donated to our group by the family of a quilter who had sadly passed away,  our group have made several quilts from her stash and there is a lot more fabric!

I am not sure if next week will be as productive, but the cold weather is here for a while and my sewing room is cosy, so we shall see!


  1. Hiding away in your sewing, whipping a stitching storm seems like the perfect antidote to me. The Dale horse fabric is charming; love the bags you have fashioned from it. The Project Linus quilt is lovely. Somebody is going to love this quilty hug. Lovely EPP piece in the making. Hope your days warm us very soon.

  2. A perfect use for cold and shivery days - lurking in a sewing room surrounded by lovely colours!

  3. The zip-up tray pouch is a great idea. I think your pouch turned out really nice. I love the little horses on the other pouches, so cute. I'm trying to get up the nerve to make a folded zippered pouch with clear vinyl pockets for my applique thread. It is always a time of such concentrated effort when I make something like that. So, I think your tray/pouch is well done.

  4. The fabrics are so wonderful on each of these projects - Both the tray pouch and the roll-up design tray look super handy. What a great idea to make the fabric bags for projects in place of plastic. I really like that.

  5. Very clever projects ,especially the tray pouch. The fabrics look wonderful.

  6. Everyone these days is making such lovely pouches and bags. I'll have to get over my aversion (fear?) of sewing zippers!!!

  7. Despite the cold weather you did make great use of your sewing time and fun fabric.

  8. It seems you can make absolutely anything. Love your bags and pouch. So clever! Love the fabric!