29 December 2017

17 in 2017 - the final update

Way back at the beginning of this year, Meredith over at Pomegranate and Chintz issued a challenge for 2017, the idea was to choose 17 UFOs and to work on each of them throughout 2017.

I often almost never feel guilty about my UFOs but I did think that it would be good for me to focus on some of them throughout the year, so I joined in.

I am really happy that I managed to blog my progress each month, I think it really helped me to focus!

These are the projects I  picked

1. The Mellerstain Firescreen before and after...

not a lot of progress, my hands have been playing up this year making embroidery difficult but I will persevere!

2. Handquiting the Welsh Quilt - again very little progress due to my hands :(

3. Remember When - I worked on this a little, I am still not sure if I will finish this or not, so back into the wip box


4. Estonian Lace Scarf

too many mistakes and I didn't like the pattern, frogged and yarn stashed for another project.

5. Love Entwined

No progress! I love this piece and I am thinking of using it as the centre for a new quilt - still in the planning stage!

6. Embroidery Angel - nothing to report! this one didn't make it out of the box

7. Stonefields - still thinking of a way to use these sampler squares - I have a plan!

8. Berry Cardigan - almost a finish! I just need to finish sewing it together and knit the button band

9. Happy Days - Having great fun hand quilting this one with 'big stitch quilting' I find it doesn't put so much pressure on my hands

10. Wedding Quilt - still not sure if they want another quilt or not!

11. Baby Cardigan - Finished :)

12. English Paper Piecing - No idea where this one is headed - needs a planning session before I can continue.

13. Goldfinch Silk Shading Embroidery - Finished :)

14. Rowdy Flat Library Quilt - Love this design, but I need to plan a colour scheme properly before I continue, these were all cut from my scrap box 

15. Down the Rabbit Hole - I love this quilt - so close to finishing !

16. Fan Mandala Embroidery - Really didn't like how this was turning out, so abandoned and materials back in stash.

17. Quilting Hoop Bag - Don't like my fabric choices so this one is also abandoned 

No brilliant progress, but it did focus my attention on abandoned projects, I need to do something similar in 2018


  1. I am sorry that your hands prevented you from making more progress and I hope they improve so that you can enjoy working on your projects. Your Goldfinch is beautiful - stunning embroidery!!

  2. Loved looking over all the projects and you have been working on many of them. My hands bother me off and on too sometimes it is hard to hold onto a needle isn't it I love all your projects

  3. You have a lot of beautiful projects. I switched to machine because of my hands and I'm so slow hand stitching. I admire your bravery and honesty in being able to admit some projects no longer called to you. Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful embroidery I always say I wish I had paid more attention when younger and being taught by many people over the years, lucky if I can now stitch a french knot. On the quilt side of things I find it very easy to just keep going onto another project although I do finish my quilts and so this year I have a few to complete. Keep going your work is beautiful.

  5. Congratulations Elaine on both your finishes and progressions this year!!! I love following your blog and looking forward to seeing what you work on in 2018.

  6. I too am having some issues with my fingers so have to pace myself.
    You do have a group of lovely projects to look forward to finishing.
    Continued Happy Stitching in 2018!

  7. Deciding explicitly to abandon a project is also progress, because otherwise the wretched thing sits glaring at you in a corner. Now you can turn your back on those, glow with pride at the finishes, and keep on at some of the others. I like the term Works In Slow Progress (WISPs) - it takes the pressure off!

  8. 2017 must have been the 'hand' year! I lost about 5 months with carpal tunnel surgeries and trigger thumb. I am so far behind. I need to just focus on what I have started and hopefully my hands will not let me down. I love #13 - beautiful hand work with the bird! I pass my "never gonna do this again" projects to charity or my cousin. I have ended this year with the flu - lost another 16 days! So am hoping to start off Monday with some fairly good health, good working hands, and nothing but stitching! No phone answering! Anyway, let's hope we all have a great 2018 and that our 'bodies' do not fail us this year! Take care of those hands, you do beautiful work!

  9. Lots of wonderful hand work! It is frustrating having to not do too much, but still, gotta do what we love to do!

  10. Lots of great progress, Elaine, and good to have sorted some ideas and plans for others. Plans for the others will come........

  11. You did great with this! Love seeing all the projects and how you did. Beautiful!