29 December 2017

17 in 2017 - the final update

Way back at the beginning of this year, Meredith over at Pomegranate and Chintz issued a challenge for 2017, the idea was to choose 17 UFOs and to work on each of them throughout 2017.

I often almost never feel guilty about my UFOs but I did think that it would be good for me to focus on some of them throughout the year, so I joined in.

I am really happy that I managed to blog my progress each month, I think it really helped me to focus!

These are the projects I  picked

1. The Mellerstain Firescreen before and after...

not a lot of progress, my hands have been playing up this year making embroidery difficult but I will persevere!

2. Handquiting the Welsh Quilt - again very little progress due to my hands :(

3. Remember When - I worked on this a little, I am still not sure if I will finish this or not, so back into the wip box


4. Estonian Lace Scarf

too many mistakes and I didn't like the pattern, frogged and yarn stashed for another project.

5. Love Entwined

No progress! I love this piece and I am thinking of using it as the centre for a new quilt - still in the planning stage!

6. Embroidery Angel - nothing to report! this one didn't make it out of the box

7. Stonefields - still thinking of a way to use these sampler squares - I have a plan!

8. Berry Cardigan - almost a finish! I just need to finish sewing it together and knit the button band

9. Happy Days - Having great fun hand quilting this one with 'big stitch quilting' I find it doesn't put so much pressure on my hands

10. Wedding Quilt - still not sure if they want another quilt or not!

11. Baby Cardigan - Finished :)

12. English Paper Piecing - No idea where this one is headed - needs a planning session before I can continue.

13. Goldfinch Silk Shading Embroidery - Finished :)

14. Rowdy Flat Library Quilt - Love this design, but I need to plan a colour scheme properly before I continue, these were all cut from my scrap box 

15. Down the Rabbit Hole - I love this quilt - so close to finishing !

16. Fan Mandala Embroidery - Really didn't like how this was turning out, so abandoned and materials back in stash.

17. Quilting Hoop Bag - Don't like my fabric choices so this one is also abandoned 

No brilliant progress, but it did focus my attention on abandoned projects, I need to do something similar in 2018

28 December 2017

2017 The Finishes!

First finish of the year, a simple embroidered drawstring bag for my knitting...

A beautiful baby cardigan for the gorgeous Ivy

A Canvaswork embroidery turned into a project bag

The Goldfinch Embroidery is finished and framed!

An EPP Hexagon Kindle pocket

A cosy Gansey

Hmmm I see a distinct lack of quilt finishes this year! I will have to remedy that in 2018 :)

18 December 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

Sarah has just released the final part of this year's BOM, I have really enjoyed working on this quilt throughout the year.  I have all the appliqué prepped so I can hopefully get a little stitching done while chatting with family and 'watching' TV over the holidays. I have signed up for next year which starts at the end of January so I would really like this top completed before then.

a lot of appliqué prep has been going on around here!

I am so happy I managed to fit a Golden Retriever or two 😃

and several bees ...

The final border is pieced squares on point, I think I will use all my leftover pinks/purples and orange/yellows maybe with a green centre?

01 December 2017

17 in 2017 November Update

Not much to show for this month I'm afraid, that annoying thing called work has kept me very busy!

I have been working on my borders for Down the Rabbit Hole and have finished stitching the bunnies. I was determined to get this handsome boy in there somehow

Not really sure if I succeeded or not, we will see when it's all stitched down 😃

I may have also started another sweater ...

and be planning a new quilt ...