30 June 2017

17 in 2017 June Progress

June proved to be exceptionally warm for England, it finally peaked last week at 34C we don't have air-con! a lot of time was spent reading in the shade by the river, trying to stay cool,  Jasper enjoyed lying on a wet towel being sprinkled with the watering can 😂

I did manage a little progress on Meridith's challenge, here is my original list

I continued embroidering on my Mermaid

I have a basket sitting ready to take outside with my Down the Rabbit Hole appliqué

I am still slowly stitching down leaves...


  1. Here is has been extremely humid along with the heat, too. Luckily we do have AC .
    I love the peek at your Down the rabbit hole applique--it looks beautiful (if complicated to my applique-challenged eyes!!).
    I love the colors you chose...beautiful work Elaine...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. I love the fussy cut flower centers. It gives them so much depth. I just love that center so much. Sorry you're suffering with the heat. Your sweet dog looks miserable, poor thing. So glad you came up with a way to help him endure.

  3. I think your Down the Rabbit Hole is the second I have seen this week. Lovely! stay cool in the shade I converted that and 93 is very hot to not have A/C - do most in England not have A/C? you usually do not have temps that hot do you?

  4. Oh, my word. 34 is a bit much. I think I'd have been with Jasper on the wet towel!

  5. I'm sure Jasper has appreciated his wet towel. You've been progressing forward and that's the most important aspect of this challenge. Great job.

  6. Great progress, Elaine - despite the heat!!

  7. I visit your blog for the first time :o))
    After a few posts with lovely fabrics and pictures !I've found your golden Jasper too :o))