11 March 2015

Slowly Progressing

I am still working on my Goldwork Sampler, progress as with all hand embroidery seems to be very slow. One of the reasons I try to blog each week, is that it helps keep me motivated, I can see some progress even if it is small.

This is where I left off last week...
 And after class yesterday...
I have finished all of the basket weave section - a mix of single and double pairs of jap; I just need to finish plunging all those ends (Note to self - Plunge as you go next time!)
I also tried Or Nue for the first time, adding my initials and optimistically the year! I really like this technique, this is passing couched in pairs; a coloured silk is used to produce the design by placing lots of couching stitches close together, almost like satin stitch. It is very effective and one I will use again.

The last class for this term is next week and then we break for Easter, I hope to get the rest planned out so that I can finish this sampler at home. I have already thought about what I want to stitch next.

I have finally decided what to do with Angelica's Head!
You may remember that last July I decided to convert this cross stitch design into a canvas work piece. I stitched the head and then realised that I had miscounted and it was far too large for what I had in mind (insert lots of swear words here!!) I blogged about it HERE My canvas was too small and it would take forever to stitch.
 I had even collected a lovely selection of wools and cottons to stitch it with; It has been sitting in a basket ever since.
I have now calmed down (!) and decided to use the face I have stitched and to work the robes etc in a combination of appliqué and embroidery, she will be a lot bigger than my original idea, but it should work up reasonably quickly if I don't have to stitch everything. I have taken the wools out of the original mix and added in a few perle cottons. I also bought some small pieces of silk dupion for the robes. The dark silver grey silk will be my background. The silk ribbon will be for the bouquet of roses.
I just need to finish the sampler and then I can really start planning!


  1. Your basket weave looks interesting with the ends waving. Sometimes recovering from our "mistakes" makes some of our best works! Happy stitching with Angelica 's head!

  2. Elaine thanks so much for sharing your embroidery lessons with us, I have run out of time to learn myself but OH the joy of seeing you learning all these stitches is wonderful. Lots of wonderful coloured threads hanging there. Cheers Glenda

  3. Love the progress! It's really cool to see all the techniques you are learning. I'll be interested to see what you do with Angelica's head too!

  4. Having done or nue myself, I'm not sure that plunging as you go is such a good idea. The silk thread can catch on the underside and make stitching awkward.