31 March 2015

Q1 Finishes and review

I very enthusiastically jumped on the band wagon and signed up for the 2015 finish along hosted by Adrianne over at On the Windy Side

I listed all my projects in a post HERE looking back I may have been slightly optimistic about my chances of finishing any or all of them!

I did finish the scarf I was knitting - number 25 on the list

I did turn this group of lovely materials into a sampler - number 23 on my list

 I have kept up with the Stonefields BOM - number 24 on the list -  you can see all my blocks to date HERE

I do have a plan for Angelica - number 6 on the list

I did complete a small sewing bag

and start a couple of new (!) projects

Not too bad for me, more work done on current projects than new ones started has to be good! I need to think about my goals for Q2 now :)


  1. Sounds like you are very organise with your projects Elaine, with some lovely finishes !

  2. It sounds as though it has been a success so far. You did have rather a long list...!

  3. love the needle work but I am glad to see you are still quilting too :)

  4. Everything looks lovely! I know you will do great in Q2!