10 May 2014

Tipsy Thistle - Back on the Wagon

Do you remember the Tipsy Thistle Crewelwork design I am stitching?
I haven't worked on it in several weeks as I couldn't decide whether or not to include, or cover up the hands on the design. I wasn't sure if I liked that part of it or not; however as I want to use this as a work bag when it is finished I think the hands are appropriate and so I am back working on it again!
The first square I tackled was elongated Feather stitch, I think mine are a little too elongated!
Next up was a square worked in close Fly stitch, I started it a couple of times but didn't like the effect, so I decided to stitch random fly stitches instead
Then I thought they looked a bit lost so I addd some French Knots. Now I think they look like aliens! Will have to unpick these!

The last square I have stitched is in a combination of Stem Stitch (one of my favourites) and a new to me stitch - Pekinese, really just a backstitched line with a contrast thread looped through, but it gives a really pretty line stitch and you can vary the loop size; definitely a stitch I need to practice and use.
Here is the whole piece so far


  1. Making good progress - all that experimentation and stitching and unpicking will bear fruit in due course!

  2. So amazing! It is like painting with thread!

  3. I love following this project. I think you should keep the little green aliens :)

  4. Anonymous12/5/14 07:33

    This is a lovely project, just right for a work bag - especially with the little aliens watching those hands working away!


  5. I love this design and all the different stitches. Lovely work.

  6. Hi Elaine this is like a wee tutorial on embroidery stitches, I found it very interesting and enjoyed your comments that made me laugh specially the aliens LOL I think the design is beautiful and love how you are using all greens now I'm looking forward to the next instalment. Cheers Glenda