15 April 2014


Sharon over at Pintangle has an interesting post today about Hussifs. I started digging around in my sewing room and found several I have made over the years. I love making sewing pouches, bags, hussifs etc to carry around my supplies, they are usually quick and easy to make and are much nicer than plastic bags!

Some are very simple such as these pouches...

Some are more elaborate, this hexagon purse was from a Brigitte Giblin pattern and the needlebook is the Harikuyo needlebook from an online class I took with Susan Elliot.

I have also turned small cross stitch designs into hussifs ...

and made some larger quilted ones...

What I would really like to make is a crazy quilted one to hold all of my embroidery tools, Sharon has shared some links to some really fabulous examples!


  1. wow, that is a lot of hussifs! So much work has gone into them. Do you use them?

    1. yes I use them! not all at once! I like to alternate them and use then instead of plastic bags!

  2. What a collection - are they all in use?

  3. The little hexagon purse is wonderful. And I love the hussif with the cross stitch alphabet. I have not made any as elaborate as these two.

  4. I love your little Hussif Collection! Beautiful xox

  5. Wow! Fantastic! I love seeing all your huswifes!

  6. Anonymous17/4/14 08:52

    What a lovely collection of Hussifs, this is on my project list for this year. I really like the last one, is it decorated with ruched flowers?