25 April 2014

Baddesley Clinton

My husband and I were 'Up North' visiting family this week, on the way home we took a detour to visit Baddesley Clinton - a beautiful moated tudor house owned by the National Trust.
I was very happy to see some patchwork and a sampler in the old housekeepers room

A pretty sewing table in the Drawing Room
And some beautiful pieces of embroidery, this firescreen was in petit point in what looked like a mix of wools and silk, very effective and incredibly detailed

This one looked to be in simple long straight stitches worked in a silk chenille, on a very fine canvas. I have never seen this type of embroidery before, so I could be wrong but it was beautiful and the colours were still clear and bright. Do any of you know what this technique is called or even if it would have been a chenille thread?


  1. Amazing! Love all the detailed photos you have shared. So interesting the sampler, looks like one that was started but not finished. The needlework shimmers in the photos, you can see that it is silk. Thank you for sharing your photos!

  2. I think it could have been chenille, yes. I've seen a regency-period dress with an overdress of silk gauze embroidered with flowers in silk chenille, and Charles Germain de St Aubin, embroiderer to the court of Louis XV refers to two different ways of making chenille thread, so we know it was in use from at least that period onwards.

  3. oh how lovely - I love to tour old houses - but your old houses are so much older than ours!!

  4. Wow! So so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Anonymous26/4/14 07:35

    What lovely photos, I visited Baddesley Clinton a couple of years ago and was struck by how homely it was (for a NT property that is!)


  6. Fascinating - thank you for the virtual tour!