01 October 2013

Half-way to the Madhouse...

We are now half-way through the six week embroidery course, and I am beginning to regret choosing such a large piece for my first attempt at a crazy quilt piece. I seem to spend longer trying to work out what to put where than I do actually stitching! Overall I am happy with the way it is progressing, but it is incredibly time consuming!
The bottom two blocks are more or less done and I have joined them together.
I love this spray of flowers that I copied from an photo of a crazy quilt on the internet, unfortunately the source wasn't mentioned so I can't give credit. If you recognise it please let me know!

The other blocks are still very much a work in progress.
I have discovered that I really like working with silk ribbon :) very basic stitches give fabulous results! These are simply 4" pieces of ribbon gathered with a running stitch and stitched down.


  1. Well even though you might find it overwhelming, you will be so pleased when you finish. It's such a wonderful piece already! I love it! The ribbon flowers sound simple but are exquisite!

  2. It is looking beautiful , putting in all that effort and extra time is certainly worth it !!!

  3. All the time you spend on placement, IS SO WORTH IT! Your quilt is GORGEOUS. You are doing a magnificent job of all the embellishing. The ribbon embroidery is so pretty and elegant. I think that's the key word - Elegance. Best to take your time - you have been achieving Elegance by taking the time for placement. hope this makes sense. love Annette

  4. sinplemente precioso,muchas gracias por exponer

  5. What beautiful details you have added!! This project will be worth every minute you have put into it!! Love it

  6. Love the lilies of the valley!