07 July 2013

The finished centre block

After uploading my photos and writing the hand piecing instructions, I noticed that I had used the wrong fabric for a couple of the small wedges! I had to undo all the appliqué and change them :( I have now finally finished :)

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my tutorials, lots of people emailed me with questions, I have tried to answer you all, but a lot of you are no-reply bloggers, if you are wondering why I haven't emailed you, it's because I can't!

I chose to appliqué my compass onto my background, I want to have the strength of both layers of fabric as I don't intend to quilt this one :)
Step one is to iron a piece of freezer paper to the back of your fabric, this helps to stabilise it. I then drew the outer finished circle with a compass, and then added the seam allowance (my cutting line) I then removed the FP
I folded the circle into 1/8th's and used the crease lines to help line up my compass.
I pinned my compass in place and needle-turned the outside edge, before cutting out the final circle shape.
I decided to use some small mother of pearl buttons in place of the dots.


  1. sorry you needed a re-do! I hadn't noticed anything wrong with it and then today went back to look and after looking several times I see where you mean. I think you would have known the mistake but others it would certainly take awhile! But it is something that always bothers us quilters isn't it when we find something wrong most of the time we fix it.

  2. I am so amazed by the quilting! Such beautiful work!

  3. So beautiful!! I'm like Karen -- didn't notice the mistake. But you're good to redo and get it right.

  4. Beautiful block and a smart idea to use buttons.

  5. Lovely block! Those buttons make it look so interesting.

  6. Beautiful Elaine !! I'm now working on my little circles ;)

  7. Your block is beautiful and did not notice any mistake.

  8. It's beautiful and you have done a great job