30 July 2013

Prepping Diamonds

On Friday we will be en vacances in between organising our trip to The Dordogne and fantasising about all the lovely French food and wines :) I have been preparing the zig-zag border for 'Love Entwined' I had planned to hand piece this using Freezer paper and then appliqué it to the centre square, but after reading how Jane has prepared hers, I decided to try Floriani instead of the freezer paper too.

I taped a piece of Floriani fusible to some thin card and printed out the page of diamond shapes from part 2 of the pattern (you need 2 copies of page 27 for this border)

a quick check to make sure they do measure 1 1/2" ...
and I was ready to iron the cut out diamonds to the back of my chosen fabrics. I always save odd scraps, you never know when you can use them - a quilt like this with lots of small pieces is perfect for using even the smallest scraps
I have decided to use a combination of dark reds/pinks and light chintzes for this border, I think choosing the fabrics took longer than the preparation!
Once you get into the rhythm it goes really fast, I am using 40 different fabrics.
I love my rotating cutting board for cutting small pieces like these, I use a 6"  'add-a-quarter' ruler and my small rotary cutter to add the seam allowance to each shape as I cut it out.
I will hand piece these and then appliqué the border to the centre square. Jane has described the next part very clearly in her blog post HERE.
I have no idea how much stitching I will get done, it depends on how much wine I consume :p but I like to have plenty with me just in case!


  1. I love the fabrics you are using! So pretty! Love watching this one come together!

  2. Wonderful fabrics!! You will have a lovely time I expect, even if you don't do one single stitch!

  3. I love your fabrics and can't wait to see how this turns out.

  4. Great prepping,! And with a good glass of French wine you probably sew faster.. LOL love your chintz fabrics!

  5. I love the fabrics !!!

  6. I admire your patience, choosing and cutting all those different fabrics - it's going to look wonderful!

  7. Hi Emily, be prepared for the heat here in the Dordogne> It's hot and it will stay hot. If you would like to come over (I don't even know you!), you are wellcome! Just a little start/excercise for a larger LE reunion in the future! Anyway, enjoy your holiday, it is a beautiful region, Auckje

  8. I bet you don't even take one out of the bag LOL. I have done this so many times and come home with no stitching at all done, but you must be like me you hate just sitting doing nothing, I have never been able to just sit, but i find I'm doing it more now, just sitting in the garden and watching nature all around me. Cheers Glenda PS love the Hugh pile of fabric.

  9. love your fabric use!!