04 April 2013

March progress and April Goals

This has been a very poor month for sewing around here, but for good reasons :D My husband has been home on holiday for two weeks and my youngest son is back from University for Easter; so lots of lovely family meals and trips out, but no sewing!

March progress:
Birds of a Feather: I have finished stitching block 2, I love this quilt, it is such a fun project to work on and I am really happy with my colour choices, especially the gold backgrounds, they are so way out of my comfort zone!
SDW Sampler: I have not worked on this in over three weeks, I agreed with my SAL friends that I needed a break from it and I am so glad that I did, I am now excited about picking it up again next week. I did finally manage to finish the church :)
I have also made a few more DJ blocks, setting aside one day a week for this is really helping
The highlight of the month sewing-wise has to be the day course that I attended at the Royal School of Needlework. You can read all about it HERE I did manage to finish the class project a few days later

April Goals:
I have signed up for the more advanced two day silk shading class in August, so I really want to practice more of this technique, I will start with this kit I bought a couple of years ago:
I really want to continue work on my SDW Sampler and start Manifesto! I am still waiting on longer bars from Needle Needs - their product is fantastic, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired!!

I will also try to finish block 2 of Vintage Valentine and I may even finish block 1 for the Caswell Quilt, I only have a little applique to finish off and then I want to add some embroidery details.

I will continue with Dear Jane Wednesday and I really think I need to have set days for some of these other projects too!

If that isn't enough, Jasper still likes his 2 hour daily walks and play dates too :D


  1. I love your Birds of a Feather quilt blocks. All you projects are lovely. I need to get back to my needlepainting project.

  2. All of your projects are just beautiful Elaine! I am so glad you and your family had some great "family time" together. I am anxious to start my SDW but I figure I need to fit a smaller project in there just to feel that I am accomplishing something....hmmmm......maybe a small quilt? Enjoy your stitching time.

  3. I really admire your applique Birds of a Feather block--love the muted tones. AND that SDW sampler...it'll be so pretty when finished Julierose

  4. Your Birds of a Feather blocks are just gorgeous! Love your DJ too! All your work is beautiful. I still envy you the RSN.

  5. You've made great progress on everything even though you've had people at home! I love your BOAF blocks and your Dear Jane blocks. I'm working on those two and sometimes they can really be a challenge. Yours look great.

  6. progress on everything is great! I remember the dear jane blocks well!

  7. What great progress you've made this month. Love all of your projects but my favourite pic is the one of your beautiful dog!

  8. Your bird blocks look very good. I have some of the blocks prepped for the quilt but mine are much darker than yours. I do like the lighter look.

  9. Your quilt blocks are stunning. SDW is coming along nicely, sometimes we just need a break to re-energise and fall in love with the project again