01 March 2013

February Review & March List

It's the 1st of the month again and time to see how much I actually achieved last month.

I have continued working on this every week, except for this week as my husband has been on leave and I have not picked up a needle!
Vintage Valentine
Block one is complete and I am pleased how it turned out, I will work on Block 2 in April
Birds of a Feather
Block 2 prepped and all ready to start stitching :)
Dear Jane Wednesday
Hmmm started off well, but have missed this week and last
Easy Street
Have not even looked at this :(
I have also started two new projects this month, I have a really bad case of startitis at the moment! 
Block 1 of The Caswell Quilt is almost complete and block 2 is ready to stitch

And today the last of my crewel wool arrived for Manifesto :)

March Goals:
  • Continue to work on SDW, maybe I can finally finish the church!
  • Start Manifesto!
  • Stitch Block 2 of BOAF
  • Prep Block 2 of VV for April stitching
  • Finish block 1 of Caswell Quilt
I think these are achievable (famous last words!) 
We have just been for a very long, very muddy walk and Jasper currently looks like this, the floor doesn't look much better...


  1. I also have a problem with starting things. Far too easy to let myself stray and start. I did finish top this month and am thrilled.

  2. I just love your projects. :D Especially Vintage Valentine and Birds of a Feather. hehe - Poor Jasper looks so sad to be so dirty. :)

  3. The joys of having a dog, I hope he does not shake in your beautiful kitchen!!!

  4. I'm just like you - always starting things because new things always draw my attention. I've only done one Dear Jane block and I hope to get a couple more done this month after I finish up this month's Sylvia's Bridal quilt. And hope to get a little stitching done on the Manifesto too.

  5. How organised you are, or you try to be :-) I like you idea to work every Wednesday on your Dear Jane.
    Kisses. Annie L or la tulipe!

  6. What a lot of Beautiful projects all going at once! - Cheers

  7. You have a lot of beautiful projects going on!

  8. Lots of beautiful projects. I'm sure you will achieve your next set of goals.