06 March 2013

Dear Jane Wednesday

After a break of a couple of weeks, I am back making DJ blocks on Wednesday's :) I have decided to machine piece these small blocks where possible. I have lots of hand piecing/applique projects on the go, and as one of my goals this year is to become bestest friends with my sewing machine, these small blocks are a good way of practicing my skills (or lack of!)
Any easy block this week - H12 Hannah Lou's Hearts.
My block chart is very slowly filling up...


  1. Beautiful block Elaine :)

  2. beautiful - they do take awhile, some of them are so complicated.

  3. I really must get back to this project. the more often I see others posting their blocks,the more I want to work on mine. I have slowly been cleaning and putting away supplies that have been laying around. Soon I'll be down to the level where these blocks are stored. I have been working with white and oranges. it's going to be a bright and inviting quilt.

  4. Way to go! It looks so sweet this way. I love seeing Janes done in "different" ways from traditional hand-piecing.