23 November 2012

Well here I am on Blogger!
I had huge problems with commenting and formatting on my old blog (www.rellus.com/Emily) so with the considerable help of Nicola - Thank you! I will start again here.

Emily is the sewing machine that I inherited from my great grandmother Margaret Lavender, she is not at all valuable but I am very attached to her and she still sews a beautiful straight stitch!
She was manufactured by Singer in Kilbowie, Scotland between Jan & Jun 1901.

We moved to our current home last August and spent a considerable amount of time renovating it! The estate agent who showed us around enthusiastically pointed out the study that I now use as a sewing room, it is a very small room just off the dinning room, more of a large cupboard really! This is where Emily lives, hence the blog name Emily's Cupboard.

While the renovations were being carried out, I spent a lot of time with catalogues from the Holding Company and Ikea, trying to fit as much storage as possible into the room. I am happy with my space and spend a lot of time in here with the company of the radio or audio books.

There is even room for a friend to visit!


  1. Hi Elaine! Love your new blog. I use blogger too and love it. What a great 'cupboard' you have set up, and a cute doggie too :)

  2. I wish my "cupboard" is as organised as yours.

    So pleased to help my stitching sister. I love your new blog.

    Jasper is adorable. Blue and Poppy are my best friends.

  3. Hi Elaine, so please to actually be able to enjoy your blog now! You won't regret coming over to blogger, what a fab start you've made!

  4. You did a great job with you cupboard. Nice storage. Hum, will it stay this neat and orderly?

  5. wonderful start to your blog and with a great name thanks for explaining why, You have some grand commentors I see!
    I love your golden's face it would be wonderful to have him visit.
    and a really wonderful time sewing on a machine that has been passed down from your generations I am sure the heavens are smiling upon you.